A big OnePlus Watch 2 weak point is getting fixed soon

The fitness circles watchface for the OnePlus Watch 2
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What you need to know

  • OnePlus Watch 2 health data cannot be synced with multiple devices.
  • OnePlus says a March update will enable users to transfer health data using a QR code, keeping data local.
  • The Wear OS 4 "transfer watch" feature is also being considered for a future update.

The OnePlus Watch 2 does many things right, but it gets it wrong in a few key areas that make it hard to recommend for some folks. For instance, if you get a new phone and want to use your OnePlus Watch 2 on it, you'll have to lose all health data in the company's OHealth app and start fresh on your new phone.

Thankfully, the company says it's preparing a data migration feature for the OnePlus Watch 2's OHealth app that lets customers scan a QR code on their new phone to transfer all OHealth data over. This keeps your health data off cloud servers and still offers a way to transfer all that vital information to a new phone, should you need such a service.

"We will be introducing a data migration feature in a future OHealth app update that will allow users to locally migrate their health data by scanning a QR code. This way, users will have control over their data and can securely transfer it to their desired location. We are planning to have this feature on the OHealth app by the end of March."

But when moving the watch from an old phone to a new one, you'll still have to perform a full disconnect and reset to do it. The OnePlus Watch 2 doesn't currently support the handy transfer watch feature from the best Android smartwatches — like the Pixel Watch 2 or Galaxy Watch 6 — but OnePlus says it's listening to feedback and would consider adding the feature in a future update if enough customers request it.

For now, however, OnePlus Watch 2 users will either have to keep their old phone paired with the watch for as long as possible or accept that health data isn't leaving the old device until OnePlus adds this key feature.

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