Waze app crossover with Halo Infinite brings new personality to road trips

Waze Halo Infinite
Waze Halo Infinite (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft announced a crossover between Halo Infinite and the Waze navigation app.
  • For a limited time, users of Waze get a Halo experience, with a "mood" befitting that of Master Chief or Banished leader Escharum.
  • Users can also represent their vehicle on the road with either a Warthog or Ghost.

Ever wished for a SPNKr rocket launcher when traffic was really bad? You still can't do that but a new parntership between Microsoft and Waze might be the closest you'll get. As announced on Xbox Wire, Waze is getting a crossover with the upcoming blockbuster Xbox title, Halo Infinite.

Available today, Waze users can choose a Halo theme that further allows the selection of one of two factions: the human UNSC forces, or the alien Banished. Depending on the faction you choose, your vehicle will then be represented on the road by either a Warthog or Ghost. You can even set your "mood" to fit that of the heroic Master Chief or the cunning Banished leader Escharum. This experience will be available for a limited time, though an exact date it'll leave the app has not been given.

If you haven't used it before, Waze is a navigation app that warns of potential hazards on the road, so you can plan better trips with more peace of mind, though it's worth noting that despite Waze being owned by Google, it doesn't always work well with Google Maps.

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