Since Android is open-source and requires no licensing costs, there will surely be plenty of Android devices in the future. But currently, the only smartphone that runs Android is the T-Mobile G1. Sure, there have been rumors, reports, and pictures about the T-Mobile G2 (code name: Sapphire) but at this point in time, nothing else exists for Android other than the T-Mobile G1.

So when you see pictures and products claiming to the be the G2 or the Dream, those unofficial products are not doing much other than trying to capitalize (read: steal) on the brand name of the G1. Most of them are probably going to be mock ups, others may be actual phones, but in the end, when the Second Android Device is released for public consumption--we'll be there to let you know. In the meantime, we advise you to stay away.

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So when you stumble upon a purported G2 remember that it doesn't exist yet. Would we want all these fake G2s to be actual Android Devices? Yeah, of course. But do we trust these devices? Not one bit.

[via Gizmodo]