Was fear over 5G technology a factor behind the Nashville bombing?

5G radio tower
5G radio tower (Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

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  • The FBI is investigating the motive behind the Nashville, TN bombing on December 25th, which could be linked to fears about 5G technology.
  • The attack took the life of the suspect and injured three others while causing a multi-state network outage.
  • 5G has been the subject of numerous conspiracy theories around spying and even as the cause of the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Days after the Nashville bombing on December 25th, the FBI has some answers but is still searching for more. While it was determined that the suspect behind the attack is Nashville resident, Anthony Warner, authorities are trying to piece together the motive behind the attack. The explosion took place next to an AT&T facility and caused a multi-state network outage that the company is still recovering from. Warner, 63, was the sole fatality and three others were injured.

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It's being reported that the FBI had questioned whether or not paranoia over 5G technology was a factor. A former employer of Warner told agents that he worked in information technology and was generally quiet and reserved, but never expressed concern about 5G. Neighbors also mirrored his statement, saying that he was "low-key" and "he was kind of a computer geek that worked at home."

Given the proximity of the last to AT&T's building, and the effects of it thereafter, it's believed that there is some connection between the two. 5G technology, which is found in many of today's best Android phones, has been under much scrutiny as carriers began heavily pushing the technology over the past year. Many conspiracy theories about 5G claim that the technology is being used to spy on American citizens and is the cause of the Covid-19 pandemic. Some have even linked it to cancer, although these claims have been largely disproven.

According to Warner's ex-girlfriend, he reportedly found out that he had cancer and gave away all of his possessions, including his car and the deed to his home.

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  • So there is literally 0 evidence that it was "5G paranoia" yet that is what you are running with? I mean other than it being an ATT building, nothing links it to 5G, and even the people around him said he never mentioned that, but yeah, let's run with it...... 
  • May as well write he was out walking his pet squirrel and he spontaneously combusted because of a peanut allergy!
  • Android Central is writing that story right now.
  • Lol! You are joking...right? 🤔
  • Let just ignore that fact that it was a NSA data site that is tied into the fiberoptic trunk cable and sending data to a remote NSA facility. Lets also ignore the construction of the building, the fake windows and façade and let ignore the redundant AC and generators on the roof.
    So yea, other than that? It was just some random 5G wacko.
  • "THE" trunk cable? Like a master cable forged in secret in the fires of mount doom etc..? And is it weird to have redundant power and AC in a building full of telecom equipment? Is it also weird not to have windows with full view of your equipment to anyone, say, paranoid misinformed people wanting to blow up techy stuff they know jack **** about? Is it also weird to fix up your big ass downtown tech building so it complies with city building codes and don't stand out like the big ugly brick it is? Work a few years in telecom mate.... You might learn something....
  • No the fiberoptic cable. Three major cables converge there. That's why they tapped the cable there. You sir are the one who doesn't know what he is talking about.
  • Sorry, the master fibre optic cable to rule them all, forged in the fires of mount doom, etc etc then? And 3 of them? oooh that sounds like a lot..... probably a conspiracy.... is what i would say if i knew nothing about the subject.....
  • I'd be more worried about the exploding bomb than 5G if I was him.
  • You have literally zero evidence 5G paranoia had anything to do with this. And linking to another news story that also has zero evidence doesn't magically make your story legit.
  • He had Cancer too
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