VoLTE, WiFi calling, and WiFi texting part of T-Mobile's Un-carrier 7

T-Mobile has just announced their Un-carrier 7 initiative. The theme for this one this go around is 'Wi-Fi Un-Leashed" and will see T-Mobile making some new waves with Wi-Fi. Look forward to Wi-Fi calling and texting for all customers on T-Mobile.

Here's what you get as a T-Mobile customer thanks to Un-carrier 7.0:

Wi-Fi calling and texting for 100% of T-Mobile customers and business customers - 100% of new smartphones in T-Mobile stores are Wi-Fi calling and texting capable. An exclusive enrollment window in JUMP! – T-Mobile's revolutionary upgrade program – so 100% of customers can immediately upgrade to a new Wi-Fi calling ready smartphone.

Next-generation Wi-Fi calling and texting on its network - Designed to deliver high-quality HD voice, fast call setup times, fewer dropped calls and seamless voice coverage between T-Mobile's nationwide Voice over LTE (VoLTE) network and Wi-Fi with compatible smartphones

Anyone on T-Mobile looking forward to all these new Wi-Fi features?

Sam Sabri