VoLTE, WiFi calling, and WiFi texting part of T-Mobile's Un-carrier 7

T-Mobile has just announced their Un-carrier 7 initiative. The theme for this one this go around is 'Wi-Fi Un-Leashed" and will see T-Mobile making some new waves with Wi-Fi. Look forward to Wi-Fi calling and texting for all customers on T-Mobile.

Here's what you get as a T-Mobile customer thanks to Un-carrier 7.0:

Wi-Fi calling and texting for 100% of T-Mobile customers and business customers - 100% of new smartphones in T-Mobile stores are Wi-Fi calling and texting capable. An exclusive enrollment window in JUMP! – T-Mobile's revolutionary upgrade program – so 100% of customers can immediately upgrade to a new Wi-Fi calling ready smartphone.

Next-generation Wi-Fi calling and texting on its network - Designed to deliver high-quality HD voice, fast call setup times, fewer dropped calls and seamless voice coverage between T-Mobile's nationwide Voice over LTE (VoLTE) network and Wi-Fi with compatible smartphones

Anyone on T-Mobile looking forward to all these new Wi-Fi features?

Sam Sabri
  • Nice Posted via the Android Central App
  • Wait, so newly purchase phones only? Posted via Android Central App
  • Awesome Posted via the Android Central App
  • No thanks, on iPhone it's fine since there is no bloat. But I'm happy with my unlocked android phones like One Plus One or Moto X 2nd gen which doesn't have carrier crap and wait for updates to be approved from useless carriers. Make it as an app in play store instead of exclusive on T-Mobile phones. Make it exclusive to T-Mobile customers not phones. Posted via the Android Central App
  • +1000!
  • As much as an app would be nice, the VPN and QoS integration it requires root/system access.
  • Hopefully this will work on my LG G3 Posted via Android Central App
  • It works on mine!
  • Works on G2. I am sure G3 didnt backslide.
  • That's probably what our update earlier today was for.
  • so how do i get wifi calling on my nexus?
  • You don't, it's bloat isn't it? Posted via Android Central App
  • well then I hope Google natively embeds it. cough cough Apple cough cough
  • Carriers would not like that a bit but hey, they have done it before... And the carriers still blocked it Posted via Android Central App
  • But then it is at least there, and if you buy an unlocked phone, the carriers' opinions don't matter so much.
  • Maybe with Android L or the new Nexus.
  • I honestly hope so for the people who buys it. I really am not holding my breath.
  • Just update your hangouts to version 2.3, and install the hangouts dialer. Bam... And you have WIFI calling on your google voice number, with or without T-Mobile's help. In fact you could have had WIFI calling all along with other apps, like Grooveip. But needing a dedicated voip app became superfluous a couple days ago, with the hangouts update. Now you can have the same benenfits with fewer apps. Now the most difficult part of this setup is dealing with the techno-brain-dead (like many parents). DO NOT try to explain google-voice/hangouts/voip/wifi-calling to these people. It isn't worth it. Just tell them that you have a new land-line phone number again (or possibly you have second cell phone from work). Although it will confuse them when you are calling them on your land-line when you are on vacation in foreign countries (but deal with that bridge when you cross it).
  • I seem to recall that the Nexus 5 doesn't have that feature. I guess we'll have to wait for the 6.
  • Think longer
  • You don't, one of the reasons I've stayed away from Nexus'. You can put a Google Edition ROM on other phones and retain WiFi and now VoLTE calling, but can't get it on a Nexus no matter what you do.
  • Most Android phones have had this for a couple years. The iPhone 6 just added it. I guess the new thing is HD voice over wifi instead of just LTE? I just started to notice that.
  • Since when could Android phones text over WiFi? I knew iMessage could on iPhones, but never heard of Android phones being able to do that. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Most T-Mobile branded Android phones can due to T-Mobile's software.
  • It definitely doesn't work for me. Are you sure you're not talking about WiFi calling? Posted via the Android Central App
  • I was always able to send an sms over wifi but not mms, when i had my Note 3.
  • That's exactly what I'm talking about, and I believe what @lrrowley was talking about as well.
  • Sprint has WiFi Calling and Wi-Fi Texting. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Google Voice allows you to text over WiFi. Pretty sure it works for WiFi calling as well.
  • 100% of phones? Are Nexus phones sold in T-mobile stores?
  • yep they're sold at tmobile stores
  • I got my Nexus 5 at a T-mobile store. I don't know if this means they're going to stop carrying them.
  • he did say "from this point forward" so maybe they soon won't be :(
  • Badass about time! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Best carrier in America... Posted via My (unlimited everything) T-Mobile Galaxy S5...
  • Not yet, but in 3-5 years, they just might be.
  • So does this work with the 30$ 5gb data 100 min plan? Posted via the Android Central App
  • I was wondering that as well
  • Yes, it has nothing to do with your plan - it depends on your phone and the firmware running on it.
  • I am a little confused. haven't most T-Mobile phone supported this for awhile?
  • My last Blackberry (which was a Curve) did, and my Note 3 does...
  • So oneplus one won't be able to do this? Posted via Android Central App on 1+1
  • I think you have to have t-mobile's special software baked in. And right now that only comes on carrier branded phones.
  • I...was afraid of THAT. Damn!
  • Lol... Of course not. Posted via Android Central App
  • Not like it works on Sprint Posted via Android Central App
  • Has nothing to do with the carrier, it has to do with the phone.
  • I want this for my 1+ too! Posted via the Android Central App
  • I guess this is why every t-mobile flagship phone is getting updates today
  • Doesn't help with Nexus :-\
  • Welcome to Sprint. We have had wifi calling and HD for awhile Posted via Android Central App
  • And a slow data network. You forgot that. I worked for AT&T. Guy calls in to Port his son's phone in. I notice that it was just Ported out the day before!
    I ask and he says that his son wanted to switch to Sprint when the new iPhone came out and hated thought that their data was too slow (although unlimited in quantity). So he asked he returned it and asked his dad to Port him back. True story! That said, I've been with T-Mobile since early 2008, even while at AT&T, and love it!
  • I would have mentioned t-Slo but we are talking about sprint. There is nothing slow about sprint where I live. Posted via Android Central App
  • I'd agree but I only had LTE 20% of the time. Posted via Android Central App
  • I actually have to go to an area like that now. I will say the 3G is much better than years ago, but the 4G is a bit spotty. I go there rarely so it does not matter, but after being on 4G all the time dropping down is a bit ... disappointing. Still worth it. Next time I go there I have to take a t-mo phone with me and compare.
  • I get 35 mbs on T-mobile where I live. Posted via Android Central App
  • Yes, where you live, and the 2 other cities in the world like it, Sprint might be fast. Everywhere else, they suck by being either horridly slow or not having coverage at all. T-Mo is also vulnerable on the coverage front, regardless of the "90% of the US is covered" nonsense. That 90% doesn't always stay home, which is precisely when a "mobile" phone is most wanted. This is disappointing, because T-Mo is actually doing some really good things, both to their network and as a semi-disruptive force in the US wireless industry. If they can build out their coverage to match the larger carriers, while keeping the UnCarrier initiatives rolling full swing, they have a good chance of becoming the best network on the country in a few short years (say, 3-5). But AT&T and Verizon will start fighting back much heavier, too.
  • Tmobile has had WiFi calling for over 5 years. Tmobile is the only company with nation wide HD voice Posted via the Android Central App
  • T-Mobile pioneered it way back in the the Blackberry Curve and Pearl days. Go troll somewhere else.
  • Then how about we not make a big deal out of old news? Posted via Android Central App
  • Then how about we not make a big deal out of old news? Posted via Android Central App
  • I call Bullshit on the wifi calling. My LG G2 didn't have it on Sprint. My wife's S4 didn't have it. But our MyTouch4G had it in 2010 on T-Mobile. HD voice is probably a push. Not sure when either company got it but S4 and G2 didn't have it on Sprint. G3 and M8 have it on T-Mobile. Nice try though Posted via Android Central App
  • I said awhile, I have no idea when.
  • So just trolling Posted via Android Central App
  • T-Mobile has also had it for 5 years now. T-Mobile engineering created it. That is why we were the only ones with it for years. This is just an upgrade so it is more seamless and with HD voice.
  • How about extending wifi texting to hangouts. When on wifi calling only texts from the device default app work.
  • This just happened... today. Check out the new hangouts dialer and Hangouts 2.3!
  • I can text while I'm on WiFi using hangouts, I just can't receive group messages or MMS's when on WiFi. I have to go back to 4G LTE to do so, which is annoying.
  • i think the biggest take-away from the announcement, was that if people currently do not have a WiFi Calling-enabled device and adequate insurance (JUMP), T-Mobile will allow you to NOW go into a store or call CS and add JUMP to your account, so that you can use it to upgrade to a WiFi Calling enabled device. Not sure how long the window of opportunity on this is though. Go go JUMP!
  • And that is a great advantage! I have never heard of a company announcing something new such as this and then making it easy for the people who are existing customers to take advantage of the this new technology. T-Mobile has my attention!
  • Oh yeah, go go extra $10 fee per month. $120 per year.
  • Rather small, compared to the price of buying a new phone outright every 6 months.
  • From what I understand, people like me (Nexus 5 on T-Mo) will be able to enroll in Jump during an "open enrollment" period to get a new phone that will have wi-fi calling. I do want this, but not sure if I'm willing to give up my Nexus. Decisions, decisions....
  • Im in the same vote... lol, ill get the insurance? but not give me nexus .. does that work out lmao? . im keeping my Nexus.
  • Give in to the G3! LOL
  • I might - I had a G2 on Verizon before I switched and loved the phone.
  • This only proves how bad T-Mobile's network is. If you have unlimited everything, why should you need WiFi? I guess you need WiFi calling for all the places that T-Mobile doesn't cover. Expand coverage=More Customers. Invest in your network and you'll be surprised how many people will come over. I like the idea of uncarrier but how can you enjoy it without coverage. Posted via the Android Central App
  • There are some places that it is impossible to get coverage.
  • This only proves how bad their network is? You don't think T-Mobile has expanded coverage? T-Mobile is growing very quickly... their service is more than acceptable for millions of Americans. I live in Southern California, and I have no problem getting signal anywhere. Verizon on 3G was a slow crawl to do anything... T-Mobile is light speed compared to it. Also, some place due to their particular location don't get good reception with any carrier. My friend had AT&T and lives right next to Disneyland and couldn't get reception inside his Condo.. Now he switched to T-Mobile and has no problems with Wifi Calling.
  • Meh Posted via Android Central App
  • Why is nonexus in here trolling? If sprint is magically better for you then good for you. It sucked for me and clearly everybody else who jumped ship. Why do you need to come troll in a T-Mobile thread? Posted via Android Central App
  • Not trolling. This just is not that spectacular so lets not act like it is.
  • I actually agree hence the "Meh" but you have to come in here to point it out is clearly trolling. Posted via Android Central App
  • An exclusive enrollment window in JUMP..... This sentence tells me nothing lol. My Galaxy S3 already has WiFi calling though but it disconnects from the service often resulting in dropped WiFi calls. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Can anyone answer: If you have, say an unlocked AT&T phone on T-MOBILE, is there a way, WILL there be a way to get VoLTE?
  • I would like to see the t-mobile wifi calling app that one can install on non t-mobile phones (or rooted phones that use a ROM that doesn't have it).
  • Don't see how that benefits them. Carriers make like 50% profit of the sales of phones. Why would they give you a reason not to get their phones.? Posted via Android Central App
  • I'm not terribly impressed by this. I've had HTC phones for several years that were capable of WiFi text and calling. This isn't changing anything for me. And here I got my hopes up.
  • So this will only work on phones purchased directly from T-Mobile? If that's true, I'm really glad Google just announced the new update to Hangouts. Soon we will all be able to make Wi-Fi calls to any phone. I've done it twice already, and everyone should have the update in a few days.
  • WAIT! So 20 year old UMA is back & this is UnCarrier? LoL PLUS the bullshit about "JUMP" Ah yes, JUMP. the $10 a month scam add on if you don'.t wanna be stuck for two years with the same phone.
    So, an average T-Mo customer on "Simple Choice" for one line would be $50 base plan, $10 upsell for 3GB LTE plan, $10 JUMP PLUS the EIP, say an iPhone 6+ which will be $34.50 a month. ONE LINE T-MOBILE: $104.50. Bullshit. For 3GBS? Go to Cricket get 10GBS for $55 INCLUDING TAX on AT&T.
  • About time they do this.
  • I already have a Nexus 5 and T-Mobile JUMP. Can someone explain how this affects me? I'm a little confused Posted via Android Central App
  • If your signal is not good in your house, you can use the Wi-Fi Hotspot internet to make and receive calls along with using internet instead of data and then once you’re outside you’re on a regular T-Mobile cell tower. Almost the same thing Apple is coming out with soon, other carriers will probably be doing the same.
  • Sprints already doing this so no big deal. Posted via the Android Central App