Top 5 LG V30 camera features

Even as phones become more homogenized and samey, there's one big area left for high-end flagships to stand out: the cameras.

The new LG V30 has one of the most compelling photographic feature sets we've seen in an Android phone this year. LG's new flagship boasts dual cameras with bright lenses (in both regular and wide-angle flavors), in addition to new manual shooting capabilities and the most comprehensive video feature set we've seen in an Android phone to date.

In our latest video, we take a run through the top five V30 camera features you need to know about — including one bonus feature that makes for fantastic Instagram-ready collages.

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

  • Do the RAW files have the same color cast that the LG G6 files do, rendering them pretty much unusable?
  • We really don't know. Until we get our hands on the final product. Seems to me that there will be some tweaking to the software perhaps that is reason for the long absent of a release date.
  • I keep receiving emails from LG about the V30..
    I responded to it stating that I'm already sold on the phone. How about a email that allows me to purchase or order it. What seems to be the hold up? The review phones seem to be getting great reviews and solid. Why can't they release the phone already?
    Either way, I'm sold on the camera and phone in general and if they are being productive and tweaking the experience as of late before a final release, then I'm quite confident that overall this is the phone of the year.
    Considering build quality, specs and value.
  • Yeah, I got an email from them yesterday. I got excited thinking I may be able to buy one. This is one thing that LG REALLY needs to figure out. Their releases are terrible. Announce something and then ship it a week or two later. Not a month or two later.
  • By the time you get the V30, the V40 will be coming out.
  • I signed up day one and haven't received one email about the V30. LG is terrible at this stuff.
  • Or people will end up buying the pixel.
  • I would say the best feature of the LG V30 is that they still have no release date announced on the phone yet.
  • To be honest, the only way LG could improve the V30 camera for the G7 is by up the resolution on the wide angle lens and add OIS to it. If they do that, they'll absolutely smash the competition, and that included the S9 camera (unless, of course, Samsung also raises the megapixel count). And yes, megapixel numbers DO matter. The fewer megapixels you have, the less information the software has to work with when composing a picture. And whilst point-and-shoot people might be happy with 12mp sensors (they are good enough for posts on Instagram), those of us who shoot manual and actually take the photos out of the phones would prefer a higher megapixel count. I'm glad LG is putting to good use the patents they've licensed from Nokia...since HMD clearly isn't.
  • LG is simply the best for manual lovers and people that take time to compose their shots. Nokia was an absolute joke with the camera app on the Nokia 8.
  • Completely agree.
    And it goes beyond the UI. The post-processing on the HMD phones is horrible. Just install the Pixel camera apk that's available on XDA and you'll notice the difference.
  • Yes. A lot of people testing the Nokia I have been saying that. I really expected more from them this time around.
  • LG just needs to mature just a little more instead of this announce it and tease it approach. I was certain they learned from last year's V20 debacle but I was wrong about that. Samsung and Apple and some others have pre order pages. LG is still doing sign up for more information pages. But it's cool. I'll wait for the V30.
  • If the Pixel 2 XL is announced before this thing starts to ship, LG's numbers will likely take a sizable hit. I'm considering a V30 right now, but the closer we get to Pixel day, the more likely I'll hold out to at least wait and see what is being offered.
  • The Pixel is absolutely no threat whatsoever to the V30. Most people don't even know they exist.
    The biggest threat to this will be the Note 8 and the new Xperias. Not because they're better than the V30 but because it's been almost a month and LG has so far completely failed to tell us: 1 - when is the phone being released; 2 - what's its price. The V30 is a great phone (for people who like phablets) but it will likely fail like every other LG phone. Except this time it won't fail because it's bad. It will fail because LG Mobile is terrible at releasing things.
  • The people who lurk around Android websites may reconsider (and its a fair number) , although I agree the N8 will have a much greater impact. Xperias though, who even buys them?
    Also agree about LG being terrible at releasing things. I live in Thailand and G6 was just released here 3 weeks ago. Slower even than HTC.
  • I have owned the V10, V20, and will purchase the V30 when it is available. I think they have been generally underrated overall, and are solid, enjoyable phones to own and use. I have never encountered any bootloop issues, (maybe I'm just lucky), but I love the way LG is designing and maturing this line from year to year. I have owned tons of other phones, mostly Samsung, HTC, etc. and to be honest, LG has been given me the best experience, (just my opinion). I like to support a company that seems to be trying to do the right things, (even if they miss the mark once in a while), as opposed to a company who just puts outs a minimal refresh of the same ole thing and charges a fortune. Anyway, if I could only just pre-order one now, I would be really happy. Cheers everyone!
  • I'm really considering buying this phone. Even though I want to see what the Pixel 2 offers, the V30 has everything I'm looking for in a phone. If the Pixel 2 has a wide angle lens and T-mobile gets it (I'm on JUMP), then I'm trying to cop day 1...
  • It was already announced that Verizon is the exclusive carrier for the Pixel 2s again. If you want one you have to get it from Google and activate on your network. Pretty sure they work on the big 4.
  • Im a proud owner of v10 and v20 after the 3 first galaxy Note and a lot of Sonys and HTCs,and for sure will be a v30 too,for me,LGs phones are easy to use with all the top features i need!the best camera and sound tru the headset!