Top 5 LG V30 camera features

Even as phones become more homogenized and samey, there's one big area left for high-end flagships to stand out: the cameras.

The new LG V30 has one of the most compelling photographic feature sets we've seen in an Android phone this year. LG's new flagship boasts dual cameras with bright lenses (in both regular and wide-angle flavors), in addition to new manual shooting capabilities and the most comprehensive video feature set we've seen in an Android phone to date.

In our latest video, we take a run through the top five V30 camera features you need to know about — including one bonus feature that makes for fantastic Instagram-ready collages.

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.