Vector 30: Wearables, contextual sensors, and making them mainstream

Matthew Panzarino, co-editor of TechCrunch joins Rene to talk about why mobile is going wearable, how contextual information and sensors are evolving, and how Apple, Google, Samsung, and everyone else will try and sell them to us.




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  • Great visual representation of the transition we are beginning to see now.
  • Yea definitely I'd take the one on the shirt for sure Posted via Android Central App
  • Dear OEM's...Wearables: Scrap what you planned to bring to the marketplace then watch 'Her' the movie.
    Come back to us in a years time and we'll have a worth while conversation about wearables.
  • Definitely get Scarlett to voice it as well. Posted via Android Central App
  • Implants is the way to go.
  • NO! That is unless you want to be like the Borg. Myself, I prefer to stay as purely human as possible, keep that shiite out of my body! :)