Vector 29: Microsoft's new CEO and Lenovo's new Moto

Ben Thompson of Stratechery joins Rene to talk about Microsoft’s new CEO, Satya Nadella and the challenges he faces making money in mobile, why Motorola was so important to Lenovo, what it means for Samsung and Apple, and why good products aren't enough.

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  • I don't think that Apple makes any more "high end" phones than Samsung or HTC does.
  • I don't think that Apple makes any more "high end" phones than Samsung or HTC does.
  • In terms of margin per device? I'm not sure. Apple rose to 65% of that market last quarter, so they're making a ton of money off those devices, certainly.
  • I really don't see how Lenovo will take on Samsung. I'm not saying because Samsung is untouchable. I'm saying it because it wasn't just cost effectiveness as to why people were sold. They put in killer specs, a pen, remote control for electronics and innovation. Some of the stuff they've come up with is useless in my opinion but catches attention none the less. I agree that the smart phone market way different to that of pc's. Lenovo better know what they are doing because the Motorola name alone won't work. Posted via Android Central App
  • Lenovo already got a strong foothold in the US in the PC business, so all it need to do is to is to build up Motorola with Lenovo's business. Lenovo can gain market by selling reasonably middle tier phones for less than $200 and can easily gain market. Microsoft on the other hand, screwed up windows mobile every way possible. They should imitate google model and give out windows mobile OS for free to manufacturers, give incentives to phone manufacturers to put windows mobile os in to the their phones. They should also leverage windows mobile with their strengths in their PC and enterprise business, by making enterprise apps running with windows mobile and software for windows phone working with their pc's. They should also be paying the developers who can create apps like this.