Users sticking around longer for BBM than WhatsApp and Snapchat

Measured against 22 messaging apps, including WhatsApp and Snapchat, BBM held on to 93% of its users after 30 days. The app also experienced higher user loyalty after the 60 and 90-day marks than most apps, according to BlackBerry:

As reported by The Information and CNBC, BBM held onto more than 93% of its users after 30 days, more than double the 43% average user retention after 30 days for all apps measured. After 60 days, 89% of BBM users remained loyal, and 82% after 90 days. Only Facebook Messenger ranked higher than BBM.

These high retention numbers aren't really surprising. Just last month, BBM crossed 100 million downloads from Google Play, though it should be noted that a number of BBM's competitors share similar download numbers, without experiencing the same loyalty from users. Recent updates to the app have also added many long-requested features, including custom BBM PINs and support for Android Wear.

Source: BlackBerry

Joseph Keller