Not as crazy as it sounds. It looks there's now a way to enable USB Host mode on the Motorola Droid.  In a nutshell, this is the first step towards using a USB memory stick or printer right from the miniUSB port on your Droid. It's not the first phone to do this, but it's a welcome step on an Android device.

Right now, it’s still in the “hack” phase, and it’s an ugly union of a few different parts (as the picture above illustrates). The software needs some work as well, as up until now there was no reason to add drivers for USB devices to the Android kernel. I can think of a handful of things that I’d like to attach to my phone, and I’m sure many of you guys can as well.  USB headset?  USB memory stick?  USB printing?  Or go all the way and use a USB joystick to play those SNES emulators … Why not? The Droid’s hardware tops the old consoles of the 1980s anyway. [Chis Padget's blog via Android Community]