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Until Dawn creator's Man of Medan releases this August

A man screaming in Man of Medan
A man screaming in Man of Medan (Image credit: Supermassive Games)

What you need to know

  • Man of Medan is being developed by the creators of Until Dawn.
  • It is the first entry in a new anthology series of games.
  • It will release on August 30, 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Supermassive Games, the creators behind the popular horror PS4 exclusive Until Dawn, has revealed that Man of Medan, the first entry in the developer's new anthology series, will be releasing on August 30, 2019.

Man of Medan follows a group of young Americans on a summer vacation that goes awry — with the potential to turn deadly — aboard a haunted ghost ship in the middle of the South Pacific ocean. Like Until Dawn, your actions will have consequences, and depending on the choices you make you can either save everyone or lead to their demise. The launch trailer shown above highlights some of the split-second decisions that could drastically change the course of the events that unfold.

The game is also set to include a Curator's Cut mode for those who pre-order on day one, with the mode becoming available to everyone at a later date. The Curator's Cut, also named after a mysterious figure in the game, will give players new ways to influence the story. This opens up after you've completed the main campaign and offers alternative viewpoints and decisions to some of your previous encounters that can be replayed.

Everything you need to know about Man of Medan

Jennifer Locke
Jennifer Locke

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