Unicorn Apocalypse

Samsung has been using a fictional game called "Unicorn Apocalypse" in a barrage of internet and TV commercials lately, and has followed up on it by actually releasing the game in the Play Store. In the commercials, Samsung tends to poke fun at the fictional developers of the game because they take it so seriously, and the game certainly continues with that theme. Unfortunately the game hasn't exactly gotten great reviews in the Play Store, with most users noting that the game doesn't play properly, and when it does the content isn't exactly exciting. We've noticed that the visual assets aren't set properly for 768x1280 displays either.

With little bugs aside, it's a fun little game to look at -- if for nothing more than to have the game from the commercial on your phone. You can grab a download from the Play Store at the source link below.

Download: Unicorn Apocalypse (Google Play)

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