These are the unannounced games we want to see on the PS5

Games we'd like to see
Games we'd like to see (Image credit: Android Central)

None of these games have been announced in any official capacity, but that doesn't stop us from wanting them anyway. We all have our favorite series we want to see continue or a franchise just starting out that didn't get a fair shake. Everyone has different tastes — and non-realistic expectations. Whether it's a pipe dream or a sequel almost certainly in the works, here's what we want to see release for Sony's PS5.

God of War 2

God of War giant

Source: Sony (Image credit: Source: Sony)

Considering God of War's success, I can't imagine Sony Santa Monica not being hard at work on a sequel. When you have a hit like that, you don't let the IP sit and collect dust. Though there may still be plenty to do in the Nine Realms, a sequel may forego Norse mythology in favor of another. Before it was settled that God of War would focus on Norse myth, the team had considered Egyptian mythology previously. Cory Barlog has also stated that he could see future entries tackle Mayan myth.

The game itself contains symbols and references to Egyptian myth, Celtic myth, Japanese myth, and Norse myth alongside the franchise's Greek roots. Any could easily be possible contenders for a sequel, especially since the secret ending of the game teased Thor's arrival and Ragnarok.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man promo image

Source: Sony (Image credit: Source: Sony)

Spider-Man endures the test of time and benefits from not being tied to one single canon. Insomniac took the friendly neighborhood hero we all know and love and crafted its own game that became one of the highlights of 2018. Good superhero games are few and far between, so this was a special treat. Given how well it was received, it'd be stupid not to do a sequel. Nearly everyone who played it loved it.

The ending of Spider-Man already teased a little of what we can expect going forward with Miles Morales and the Green Goblin. You don't generally put a tease like that in a game unless you're confident you can follow through and deliver. And with the popularity of superheroes right now — Marvel in particular — a sequel is surely on its way even if it hasn't been announced. Despite the announcement of Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Insomniac confirmed it wasn't a full-blown sequel, even though it is a standalone title.

Uncharted 5

Sam and Nathan Drake

Source: Sony (Image credit: Source: Sony)

Nathan Drake's story is finished, so I find it hard that Naughty Dog would continue the Uncharted series unless done by pressure from Sony. Still, we can't help but want to see what an Uncharted 5 might look like on the PS5. Would Naughty Dog shift the focus to Nadine and Chloe? Would it follow Nathan's daughter all grown up? There are a lot of possibilities that could further the franchise while still respecting the story and characters of the previous games.

Naughty Dog may be focused on The Last of Us Part II right now, but an adventure like Nathan's is timeless. While we don't know what the future for this series holds, the door isn't closed just yet.

The Witcher 4

Geralt of Rivia

Source: CD Projekt (Image credit: Source: CD Projekt)

The Witcher 3 could easily be seen as the perfect ending to the series, or at least Geralt's story as it was meant to be. It's hard to continue a series when you've crafted such an exit nearly flawlessly, but CD Projekt RED just inked a new deal with the author of The Witcher books, Andrzej Sapkowski, that solidifies their relationship in the coming years. I can't imagine this deal was made if the developer didn't intend to take us back to the world.

That's not even to mention the success of The Witcher series on Netflix, which boosted The Witcher 3's player numbers on Steam to all-time highs. Interest in the franchise is bigger than ever, and there are still a lot of stories that can be told.

Grand Theft Auto 6

Grand Theft Auto promo image

Source: Rockstar (Image credit: Source: Rockstar)

Grand Theft Auto 5 was the best-selling game last decade. As of November 2019, it sold 115 million copies. Only two other games in history across any platform have sold more: Minecraft and Tetris. If you think Rockstar isn't working on a sequel, I have a bridge I'd like to sell you.

Now that Red Dead Redemption 2 is out in the wild, Rockstar can put its efforts toward Grand Theft Auto 6. Imagine what the developer can really do with next-gen hardware and a possibility of a new GTA Online. The best part is Rockstar isn't tied to any one single setting or location. They don't need to continue a story. Grand Theft Auto is all about the atmosphere.

Dishonored 3

Dishonored 2 clockwork soldiers

Source: Bethesda (Image credit: Source: Bethesda)

Arkane could make anything and I'd buy it in a heartbeat, but I really want to see what the studio can do with a crack at Dishonored 3. There are so many systems and mechanics it could develop and pioneer for the immersive sim genre with the power that the PS5 affords. That's what I care about when it comes to next-gen, not the higher resolution or potential for 8K graphics.

Though Corvo and Emily's story closed rather nicely in Dishonored 2 — at least if you ended with Low Chaos — the world is full of opportunities to follow new characters across the Empire of the Isles. It doesn't even need to be set in the same time period. The Outsider is thousands of years old, surely a few other people earned his mark in that time.

Days Gone 2

Days Gone

Source: PlayStation (Image credit: Source: PlayStation)

I'll scream it from the hilltops: Days Gone was good and underappreciated. Now whatever criticisms you may have with it, surely you can see its potential. Those kinks can be ironed out in the sequel. Look at the leap from Assassin's Creed to Assassin's Creed 2. Bend Studio can pull that off for Days Gone, and there are still a lot of unanswered questions that linger from the first game.

Not only would it be cool to see the story continue and get some answers, but just think of the Freaker hordes that Bend could possibly create on PlayStation 5. Days Gone already has 40 hordes, with some nearing 500 in their numbers. You want to feel like you're really in the middle of the zombie apocalypse? Bend Studio can deliver if given the chance.

Control 2

Control haunting presence

Source: Remedy Entertainment (Image credit: Source: Remedy Entertainment)

Control had no right being as good as it was. It was certainly a surprise hit in 2019, and it made numerous Game of the Year lists, including our own. Its gameplay, weird horror elements, corporate satire, and world-building are second to none. Control is a must-play game, as I'm sure its sequel will likely be too.

What makes Control even more interesting is that Remedy ties it to Alan Wake. The main game contains references to the events that go down in Washington back in Alan Wake, and it chalks them up to an Altered World Event, or AWE. Interestingly enough, one of its next expansions is titled AWE, which it just so happens can also stand for Alan Wake Expansion. No tinfoil hat needed. If you want to experience what a video game cinematic universe could look like, this is it.

Destiny 3

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep

Source: Bungie (Image credit: Source: Bungie)

Bungie escaped the clutches of Activision relatively unscathed in regards to Destiny, which the former retained the rights to. With Activision out of the way, Bungie doesn't need to put up with corporate meddling and can create the game it has always envisioned. Both Destiny and Destiny 2 were met with mixed to positive but underwhelming responses. Generally speaking, their expansions and post-launch content fared much better.

What would be amazing for Destiny 3 is if it launched with cross-play between consoles and PC right out of the gate, which would be fitting considering the series already paved the way for other shared-world games to come. Factor in Bungie having complete creative control, and it seems like a recipe for success.

Bloodborne 2

Bloodborne enemy

Source: Sony (Image credit: Source: Sony)

FromSoftware took a little break from the Dark Souls series to make Bloodborne, and the decision couldn't have been a better one. It retains the Souls-like difficulty and gameplay but brings us to a more Gothic setting than fantasy. The world of Yharnam is full of grotesque monsters to fight and secrets to uncover. If you like Lovecraftian horror, this game is for you.

A Bloodborne sequel may be a ways off since FromSoftware is working on Elden Ring, but I'd have to imagine that the studio is at least thinking about it considering how beloved the first was. Bloodborne was one of the first exclusive AAA titles on PS4 that was worth its salt. Sony may be known for its first-party portfolio, but bolstering that support with third-party exclusives never hurts.

Detroit: Become Human 2

Detroit: Become Human

Source: Sony (Image credit: Source: Sony)

No matter what you think of developer Quantic Dream, the attention to detail and branching narratives it pulled off in Detroit: Become Human is impressive. The premise of sentient androids has been beaten to death and driven into the ground, but there's something to be said for being able to take a form of agency over your actions in-game that you couldn't otherwise in a book or movie.

Detroit: Become Human, or whatever a sequel would be called, could push the boundaries of what the PlayStation 5 is capable of. Maybe it could even win over some fans who were skeptical of the first game. There's certainly no shortage of influential material.

Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 15 group

Source: Square Enix (Image credit: Source: Square Enix)

Considering the wait that it took to get Final Fantasy 15, I'd expect Final Fantasy 16 maybe in the next ten years. Maybe. Either way, Final Fantasy will almost always be popular no matter what year it releases. There's a reason the franchise has 16 numbered entries, aided by the fact that each is generally a stand-alone story.

Square Enix just wrapped up Kingdom Hearts 3 in the last year and is hard at work on Marvel's Avengers, but the company is big enough to work on multiple projects at once. Final Fantasy 16 is probably in the cards; it just hasn't been announced yet.

Killzone 4

Killzone Shadow Fall

Source: Sony (Image credit: Source: Sony)

Remember Killzone? That series made before Guerrilla made Horizon Zero Dawn? Imagine what the studio could do with a Killzone 4 given what it's learned from development on HZD. At the very least, its budget should be increased considerably. Killzone 3 released in 2011, so it's about time for a new one, even if it may be unlikely.

Futuristic shooters aren't uncommon, but there's always room for more. The war brewing between the Helghast and ISA may be over, but there's still a lot of work to be done, and tensions are high.

The Order: 1887

The Order 1886

Source: Sony (Image credit: Source: Sony)

I like this just for the naming convention alone. Does Ready at Dawn go for The Order: 1887? The Order: 1886 Part 2? The Order: [insert literally any year here]? You could argue that The Order: 1886 was reviled unfairly. There was a lot of potential beneath the shallow story and linear gameplay. If anything, the graphics were phenomenal. But we all know that graphics alone don't make a game great.

Ready at Dawn can take what they learned and make a truly incredible sequel with the right focus. Why would criticism exist if not to make better art? Anyway, steampunk is cool. Werewolves are cool. Vampires are cool. And a sequel to The Order: 1886 would be really cool.

Prey 2


Source: Bethesda (Image credit: Source: Bethesda)

When I say Prey 2, I mean a sequel to Arkane's Prey, not Human Head's. Arkane is the master of immersive sims, and 2016's reboot/re-imagining/whatever you want to call it was fantastic. Looking down Talos-1 from the top to bottom and realizing you could explore everywhere, including the outside took my breath away. And I have to give the studio props for making a horror game that I genuinely loved considering I'm not a huge horror fan by any means.

Because Prey has multiple endings, Arkane could need to canonize certain elements in order to do a follow up to that story, but it's done so before with Dishonored. I have faith the studio could do it again. And if it doesn't want to canonize it, Arkane can always create a completely new story within the same universe.

Fallout 5

Fallout 4 power armor

Source: Bethesda (Image credit: Source: Bethesda)

I know Fallout 4 wasn't amazing. It wasn't what we waited for or wanted it to be. Let's not even get started on the dumpster fire of Fallout 76. But Bethesda can turn it around with Fallout 5. We already know The Elder Scrolls 6 is in the works, and fingers crossed it's everything we hope for, but I think Bethesda should still take another crack at Fallout. I wouldn't even say Fallout 4 was bad, just disappointing given the expectations.

With the power that the PS5 can afford Bethesda — and hopefully in addition to a dramatic overhaul of the Creation Engine — Fallout 5 could be incredible with the right direction. Maybe take the voiced protagonists out and focus on what people love about the series in the first place: the choices. Give it more depth, don't make it more shallow.

Mass Effect 4

Mass Effect 3

Source: EA (Image credit: Source: EA)

Mass Effect: Andromeda was a dud. Mass Effect 4 doesn't need to be. BioWare isn't what is once was, but I have faith it can recover, especially if EA stops requiring its studios to use the Frostbite engine. Let's face it, Frostbite works for Battlefield, but it's not suited for an RPG like Mass Effect. BioWare should have stuck with Unreal Engine.

Reports indicate that the franchise went on hiatus after Andromeda flopped, and a sequel could be a long way off. I'll even take Mass Effect: Andromeda 2 at this point if BioWare gives it their all. But what I'd be interested in seeing is how the galaxy rebuilds after the Reaper invasion. It's hard to make the stakes any higher than the already were, so why bother trying? You don't always need to one-up the big bad with an even more threatening villain.

Sunset Overdrive 2

Sunset Overdrive

Source: Insomniac Games (Image credit: Source: Insomniac Games)

It's improbable, but not impossible. One of the reasons the first Sunset Overdrive was released as an Xbox One exclusive was because Microsoft gave the studio creative control over it. As such, Insomniac still owns the rights to Sunset Overdrive even though its a first-party Sony studio now. Shawn Layden has indicated that a Sunset Overdrive sequel isn't a priority, but I can always dream.

Sunset Overdrive was a blast to play and the colorful graphics on top of the 4th wall breaking sense of humor was desperately needed in a time where any post-apocalypse had to be gritty and brown. It didn't get nearly enough love when it first launched.

Sequels, prequels, and more

This is by no means a comprehensive list. There are dozens of unannounced games we'd love to see on PlayStation 5. Maybe Sony could even bring back some dormant franchises that haven't seen the light of day in a while.

Let us know which unannounced games you'd like to see.

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