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Twitter adds Canada's first custom emoji to celebrate TD Bank's LGBT commitment

Twitter is helping TD Bank in Canada to launch the country's first custom emoji. The #ForeverProud circle was created to show TD's support for the LGBT community.

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In a blog post, Twitter stated:

"We applaud TD for nurturing the inclusion and diversity conversations that run through Twitter every day," says Rory Capern, Managing Director, Twitter Canada. "It's important that as an organization, we share in the deep rooted values of key partners like TD. I speak for our entire team in saying that #ForeverProud is a perfect choice as our first ever custom emoji in Canada."

Twitter says that over 100 billion emojis have been Tweeted on its service since 2014.

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  • You, at least. Not many others it would seem. Twitter has been an outlet for hate speech since it's inception, so they're trying for some positive PR. Shrug. No need to get upset. You could just scroll past stuff you're not interested in Posted via the Android Central App
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