TripIt launches in-airport point-to-point navigation for Pro users

Air travel is often frustrating, as we all know, but TripIt is doing its best to smooth out the experience with a new feature in its app that takes airport maps to a new level. Its new in-app airport maps not only give you a top-down view of the entire airport with every bit of information you need, but also now complete navigation between points in the airport.

So now whether you're navigating a new airport, are somewhere international with an unfamiliar language or just have a tight connection between terminals, the TripIt app has you covered. You just enter your start and end points and it will walk you through the fastest route to get there, even estimating your travel time. Entrance to gate, gate to gate, or maybe just gate to bathroom. You can also leverage the map's information to search for the nearest restaurant and then navigate there.

TripIt says the point-to-point airport mapping and navigation is available in "nearly" 50 airports around the world.

As usual, this big of a feature is tied to being a TripIt Pro subscriber, which comes in at $49 per year and offers a whole host of features and benefits above and beyond this one. The new feature will also require an update to the TripIt app, which is rolling out imminently.

Press release:

TripIt Pro Takes the Hassle Out of Getting to Your Gate

New Interactive Maps Help Travelers Navigate the Airport with Ease

SAN FRANCISCO, August 9, 2017 – TripIt® from Concur®, the world's highest-rated travel-organizing app, released interactive airport maps that give travelers everything they need to quickly and easily find their way through the airport. The new TripIt Pro feature allows travelers to search for what's available at the airport and get step-by-step walking directions that include an estimate of how long it'll take to get there.

"Airports can be overwhelming, especially when you're rushing to board a flight," said Jen Moyse, director of product at TripIt from Concur. "Whether you're trying to make a connecting flight or looking for something to eat before you take off, TripIt Pro will make sure you never wander around lost in an airport again."

With TripIt Pro's newly enhanced airport maps, travelers can pull up easy-to-follow directions between any two points in an airport. This includes navigating a terminal, finding your departure gate, and airport amenities—such as restaurants, charging stations, ATMs, restrooms, and more. The maps also show walking times, and other useful information that makes it easier for travelers to:

Go from security to gate: Quickly find the fastest route to the departure gate after getting through security. Make a tight connection: See how long it'll take to get from gate to gate, or from one terminal to the next, and give them directions that show them the most direct route. Find the best dining options: Search for restaurants, bars or cafes, and TripIt Pro will show what's available, what's open and exactly how much time it should take to get there—taking the guesswork out of deciding where to go.

Airport maps are shown for each leg of a trip, including departure, arrival and layover airports, and can be found within flight-details screens in the TripIt mobile app. The new interactive airport maps are available for nearly 50 airports worldwide and require Internet to access.

While TripIt organizes travel plans in one place for free, a subscription to TripIt Pro ($49/year) is required to access the new feature. To learn more about how TripIt Pro can help you stay one step ahead, visit

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