Tribit QuietPlus review: A great, inexpensive gaming headset

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Bottom line: This isn't going to bring you the absolute best quality, but when you combine portability, wired audio quality, and the low price tag, it's a very nice option.


  • +

    Great audio quality when wired

  • +

    USB-C charging

  • +

    Cool, mostly comfy ear pads

  • +

    25+ hour battery life

  • +

    Folds for easy transportation

  • +

    Decent mic quality


  • -

    Mild feedback when used over Bluetooth on PC

  • -

    Audio and mic quality degrades when used over Bluetooth

  • -

    Not comfortable with glasses or long hair over extended periods

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When I'm looking for a headset, the most importanty consideration for me is device compatibility. Is this going to work across all, or at least most, of what I use? If so, then other secondary features may not be as important. This is the first time I've personally used a Tribit headset, and I'm pleased to report that for the most part, it is a good headset, especially considering the price.

There are some comfort concerns for longterm use if you wear glasses or if you have long hair. But overall, if you want a wireless headset without breaking your bank, this is certainly one to consider. It's easy to carry wherever you need it, it's adaptable for whatever your work setup is, and the wired quality makes it a solid choice for when you're playing games.

Tribit QuietPlus What I like

Source: Android Central / Samuel Tolbert (Image credit: Source: Android Central / Samuel Tolbert)

This headset is lightweight and comes with a nice carrying case. Whenever you're ready to take it on the go, it easily folds into the compact case, and I found that it was perfect for traveling. Whether I wanted to listen to some music on a plane, jump into a quick work call, or transcribe an interview, the collapsible nature of the headset made getting it ready a process that only took seconds.

It's also a mostly comfortable headset (with some exceptions that I'll explain below), and the earmuffs are quite cool, which can feel relaxing and help keep you from getting irritated, whether you're working or playing.

Pairing the headset with my phone or PC was a simple process. The buttons, while small, are very easy to operate, and I never had any issues getting the headset to connect properly.

Charging is easy, as it uses a USB-C connection, with the cable included. The battery life is advertised as lasting around 30 hours. While it was slightly less than 30 hours in practice for me, I fiddled around with the volume and settings quite a bit, so it's still a long-lasting battery that you don't need to worry about charging constantly.

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Driver diameter40mm
Microphone patternBidirectional
Battery life25-hours+
Wireless rangeUp to 10 meters (Bluetooth)

While the wireless functionality is a big draw here, it's worth noting that this headset is great for playing games. Now, while you unfortunately can't use Bluetooth headsets on PlayStation 4, using the included 3.5mm connection cable instantly transforms the Tribit QuietPlus into a wired headset. It can connect directly to your DualShock 4 and provided excellent audio quality in all the games I tested, all without even being turned on and draining the battery. You will have to adjust the volume through the PlayStation 4's menu, but I never found that to be problematic.

The mic isn't anything special, but it serves its purpose without being annoying. Paired with the surprisingly great audio quality (games like Death Stranding and The Last of Us Remastered sounded great in wired mode), this is a good choice for anyone looking for a headset to use on PlayStation 4.

Tribit QuietPlus What I dislike

Source: Android Central / Samuel Tolbert (Image credit: Source: Android Central / Samuel Tolbert)

When used in Bluetooth mode, the audio and mic quality are going to take a hit. This is fairly understandable; however, I did notice a moderate amount of feedback when using the headset in Bluetooth mode with my PC or laptop. I wasn't able to recreate the noise when it was paired with my phone, so I'm not sure as to the exact cause, but it was there on my PC even after repeated testing, so that's something to be aware of.

When used in Bluetooth mode, the audio and mic quality are going to take a hit.

Another issue to be aware of is that due to the way the earmuffs of the headset are connected to the band, if you've got long hair, it's pretty easy for it to catch and tangle. You'll be fine if you're just sitting down to use it for a conference call or playing a game, but I wouldn't recommend walking around and listening to music with it if your hair is any length other than short.

The other main comfort issue appears if you wear glasses. I have to wear glasses for anything other than reading, and while I was fine for about an hour, using this headset with either of my pairs of glasses beyond an hour became uncomfortable, as it pressed in on the sides of my head. This is especially unfortunate considering how comfortable the earmuffs are otherwise.

Tribit QuietPlus Should you buy it?

All things considered, this is an excellent headset to grab if you're in the market for something portable, but you don't want to dent your savings. While I've never used a headset from this brand before, I'm definitely going to be keeping it in mind moving forward. The Tribit QuietPlus works well for business use or for unwinding and playing something on my PlayStation 4.

4 out of 5

It really is a shame about how easily hair catches around it and how uncomfortable glasses are with it though, as these are easily the weakest parts of what I found to be an otherwise fantastic headset for under $100. For other headset recommendations, you can take a look at our current list of the best PlayStation 4 headsets here.

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