Tile's new trackers go further and last longer — and they stick to things

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What you need to know

  • Tile's new trackers include the Sticker and updated Slim, Pro, and Mate models.
  • The Sticker and Slim have three-year non-removable batteries.
  • New Pro and Mate models have farther Bluetooth ranges.

Tile has unveiled a slew of new and updated Bluetooth trackers for its 2019 slate, including a small black puck called the Sticker that has an adhesive back, and a redesigned Tile Slim that resembles a credit card. Both have three-year non-removable batteries. There are also newly-enhanced versions of the existing Tile Mate and Pro, each of which looks the same but have been boosted with longer Bluetooth ranges.

In case you need a refresher, Tile makes small Bluetooth trackers that can be placed in anything you want to find — with a built-in speaker that can be activated through an Android or iOS app. And if something goes truly missing, Tile's network uses Bluetooth LE to potentially connect you to the thing you've lost.

Tile Sticker

Source: Android Central (Image credit: Source: Android Central)

Source: Android Central

Let's start with the Sticker, which is exactly what it sounds like: its adhesive back attaches to anything, from a laptop to a phone to a piece of luggage, allowing you to track it to 150ft with the included Tile app on Android or iOS, or through Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri Shortcuts.

The puck itself is 27mm round and just 7.3mm thick, which is fairly unobtrusive, though it could make placing some laptops or tablets into a bag a bit more difficult. The company says each Sticker should adhese for three to five years depending on how much force is put on the bond, though once it's on something it shouldn't be removed and re-attached somewhere else. Each box comes with two trackers for $40.

Tile Slim

Source: Android Central (Image credit: Source: Android Central)

The new Tile Slim is longer and thinner than its predecessor — just 2.5mm thin — so it can slip into wallets, especially given that it's now almost exactly the size of a credit card.

Tile says that the Slim has a louder speaker and a longer 200ft range than the previous version, and its non-removable battery lasts three years. It's $30.

The new Mate is indentical to its predecessor in size and weight, and it still has that super-useful removable battery (which can be replaced for free with an optional Tile Premium subscription). The range has been bumped from 150ft to 200ft, and it's still $25.

Finally, the Tile Pro has been bumped from 300ft to 400ft, and still costs $35 for one or $60 for two.

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ProductUS PriceCanadian Price
New Mate$24.99$29.99
New Pro$34.99($59.99 for two pack)$39.99($74.99 for two pack)
New Slim$29.99$34.99
New Sticker$39.99 (for 2-pack)$49.99 (for 2-pack)
Tile Premium$29.99/year$2.99 / month$34.99/year$3.39/month
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