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Thunderbolt gets root and NAND access

While we have all been busy speculating when the HTC Thunderbolt will be launched (dare we say the 24th), the folks over at XDA have been busy achieving root access. Well, they did just that. What we have here is a pre-production Thunderbolt (Mecha) which has successfully been rooted, its internal memory successfully broken into, with Clockwork Recovery installed.  

Keep in mind that because it's a pre-production unit, it's entirely possible that it's possible likely that there may be some changes, thus affecting the entire process. But it's a step in the right direction. Now, is it the 24th yet? One more picture after the break. Also be sure to check out the Andirc channel. [XDA via the Android Central Forums

  • Fuck yes.. Soooo getting one as long as Verizon doesn't miss the mark with the LTE pricing.
  • $749 is way off the mark!
  • That price is for the off contract one at best buy. It has nothing to do with lte pricing or Verizon.
  • BB off-contract pricing is always more expensive than off-contract direct from the carrier. Do your research.
  • It's about time. What took so long?
  • They should probably just go ahead and release it monday. That would make me smile
  • Credit XDA and the forums.
    No creds to Android Police?
  • If they'd done a post on it, we'd have linked to it. Thanks for the help, but we'll worry about our posts so you don't have to.
  • But that's ok, Phil, I can tell a FOAD when I see one.
  • the people at XDA had that same picture, so they directly linked to XDA
  • That story was also posted after ours. :)
  • Dude the Thunderbolt is legit. I have an Evo and this would be a good upgrade. Upgraded processor with a great GPU.
    Nice body.
    Better screen.
    Just looks so darn sexy.
  • Well I love my evo but if sprint doesn't have nothing like the evo2 to respond to all this strong phones coming out well I have some thinking to do cuz this market is strong n I feel the evo was the s h I t when it cake out n I can really hold on til June cuz I don't want to switch n then evo2 comes out strong n then I miss out...I was a webos fan for a while but the reason I left was the same reason, I waited for something better n never came so I switch to android n let me tell u I have no regrets I love the way Google runs the os
  • You need to understand the timeline better. The EVO was announced at CTIA 2010 in March. It's been less than a year. CTIA is at the end of March 2011. If Sprint doesn't announce the EVO2 at CTIA, then you have a legitimate beef.
  • So, how long until CyanogenMod supports LTE? :p
  • More importantly how long until we can get free tethering over LTE? :D
  • Wirefly did a schmackdown with this phone and the evo and it whooped the evo's butt. In the quadrant score test this beast scored over 1900 stock while the evo was around 1100 I believe. This phone is a beast. Makes my evo look old.
  • Yup, while not exact science, and as much as I hate benchmark tests, the T'bolt put the EVO to shame in Smartbench especially.. while the numbers weren't as outstanding in difference as they were with quadrant.. the speed of the test itself was. The EVO started the better part of a second BEFORE the T'bolt, and finished many seconds after the T'bolt. Is this a next-gen phone? The answer is clearly yes, since none of the new Dual-Core superphones OS's will really take advantage of the dual-core. This device will be relevant until its almost time for the quad-core devices easily. EVO2, when and if it happens, I expect to be at or on par with this device, or maybe it'll manage to be the first dual-core Snapdragon phone.. who knows, I know with LTE data and this device, I'll be happy for many months ahead, come on Feb 24th.
  • Yeah that's clockworkmod recovery on it but look at all the errors. Only part of the recovery works and I don't see it getting fixed until the release of the phone.
  • YES!!!! Now give me the actual phone!!!
  • Hackers gonna hack.
  • the phones only goin to be $250 with the contract without its $800 im totaly getting this phone when my plan is up this May im goin to be fucking awsome my friends will be so gelouse of me