Sleeping better can affect your day-to-day life dramatically, which is why everyone should have one of these LectroFan Sleep Machines. Whether it's too noisy in your room at night, or too quiet, these sleep machines can help lull you to sleep with their various sounds for sleep and relaxation, from fan whirrings to white noise variations and of course, a calming ocean sound. The pricier the machine, the more features and sounds it includes, but luckily Woot is having a one-day sale on factory reconditioned LectroFan Sleep Machines so you can rest easy knowing you didn't spend too much, no matter which option you choose. Woot includes free shipping for Amazon Prime members, while everyone else is stuck paying a $6 shipping fee.

You don't have to be worried about these products' 'factory reconditioned' label at all, as that means they've all been tested to ensure they're in good, working condition directly by the manufacturer. They also come with a 90-day limited warranty from Woot in case you experience any issues.

Sweet Dreams

LectroFan Sleep Machines

Rest easy with a stellar deal on these LectroFan Sleep Machines that's available today only. It'll be a nightmare if you miss out.

Starting at $15

One of the most affordable options for your home is the High Fidelity White Noise Machine which comes in two colors for just $19.99, saving you $30 off the cost of a brand new version at Amazon. This model features 20 unique sounds, a 60-minute timer, volume controls, and more. It's small enough to bring around too, but then again, this Micro Sleep Sound Machine is just $14.99 and is designed for travel. It works as a Bluetooth speaker too.

Several other models of LectroFan Sleep Machines are discounted at Woot, so be sure to make a selection and finish your purchase before the sale ends later tonight.

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