Those of us with wall outlets at home that are hidden behind heavy furniture or in an awkward position have long since given up on trying to make use of them, but that could all come to an end today with the CyberPower six-outlet swivel grounded wall tap. Best of all, it's now down to just $4.85 on Amazon, which is its lowest price in history. This wall tap has sold for as much as $16 recently and has been selling for around $10 for most of this year.

More Power To Ya

CyberPower six-outlet swivel grounded wall tap

Use this wall tap to finally make use of those wall outlets you've been ignoring for years. It features two sides with three AC outlets each that can both swivel up to 90 degrees to make plugging electronics in much easier.

$4.85 $8.88 $4 Off

This simple device turns two grounded wall outlets into six outlets. Not only that, but the outlets can swivel up to 90 degrees. You should get one of these for that outlet behind your couch or desk where you can't plug anything in straight on. This way you can plug in from a side angle and plug in three times as much stuff. The case is designed to be impact-resistant for extended durability. Users give it 4.1 stars based on 84 reviews.

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