If you sign up for Amazon Family, which is free for Prime members, you can get a promotional credit for 30% off any Echo device. This is a limited time offer that expires June 6. For an example, the discount drops the price of the Echo Dot from $50 to $34.99.

Redeem and save!

Amazon Family 30% off Echo devices

If you're already a Prime member, signing up for Amazon Family is easy and free. Once you do, you'll get 30% off the Echo device of your choice. Stack it with 2- and 3-pack promos for even more savings.

30% off your choice

While the promo page says it does not stack with other promotions, that's not exactly true at the moment. The Echo Dot, Echo 2nd-gen, and some of the other devices currently have 2-pack and 3-pack promotions going on. You can save $80 off the price of three Echo Dot speakers, for example. Well, you can also stack the Amazon Family promo with that, getting three Echo Dots for just $54.97 total. That's less than $5 above the cost of a single speaker. It remains to be seen whether this will last or not.

You will need to hit Redeem on this page under the device you want the discount on. It will then show up automatically during checkout.

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