Three UK to introduce pre-credit check for new subscribers

Three Store
Three Store (Image credit: Android Central)

With any new mobile subscription comes the requisite credit check, and for customers with low credit scores, the potential to be denied their service plan or phone of choice. To smooth out this process, Three UK has revealed that it'll soon introduce pre-credit checks to give potential customers "an indication" of whether they'll pass a credit check "without negatively affecting" credit ratings.

Users will be asked to enter their name, address and date of birth before being given a likely yea or nay for their desired subscription. The main advantage of this approach is that a full credit check wouldn't be carried out, which could adversely affect the customer's credit rating.

Three is taking feedback on this new approach over on its website, including asking users if they'd consider taking out a rolling SIM-only plan for three months to build their credit score, and whether they'd consider paying a higher amount up-front (and less per month) for their chosen package.

Source: Three UK; via: Coolsmartphone

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