textPlus Brings Free Texting to Android

Let's be honest here, texting through SMS and carriers is very convenient but it's nothing short of a complete rip off. What are they charging these days? A quarter per SMS?! That's why apps like textPlus, that offer free texting through an application, can get so popular. textPlus, which has enjoyed over 3.5 million downloads on the iPhone/iPod touch platform, has decided to jump over to Android and many of us won't have to pay the carriers another cent for SMS charges.

How textPlus works is it sends the recipient (presumably, a non textPlus user) a message that details it's from your username and gives instructions on how to reply back to you. If you're texting another textPlus user, we're sure the experience can get even more seamless. What's even cooler is that textPlus allows for group texting--up to 20 of your friends can respond to one another and everyone can see it (great for planning nights out). Think of it as an e-mail chain but for texts!

Go try it out and let us know what you think.

[via mobilecrunch]

Casey Chan