Tegra 2 Android Netbook Prototype Shown Off

Nvidia showed off the latest Android netbook prototype powered at CES 2010. This one's a little more unique since its powered by Nvidia's latest Tegra 2 'system on a chip' processor. The hardware (by Pegatron) was sturdy and rather polished but since nothing is exactly final about the product--even the plastic casing was dubbed as a prototype--we don't know if that'll change. But it did run Android.

After running through some basic Android-y tasks on the Netbook (by Pegatron), we have to say we're not a big fan. Without a proper touchscreen, navigation just isn't anywhere close to ideal. Plus, in the expanded garden of a laptop-like device, expectations are simply much higher.

We know it was just a prototype, but as of now, Android on a netbook just isn't worth getting excited about. On a MID? Now that's a completely different story..

Hit the jump to see more pictures of Android on the Pegatron Netbook with Tegra 2!

Casey Chan