HTC Desire London event roundup

HTC announced the Desire HD, Desire Z, and at their live event in London this week, and while we didn't make it attend, many other sites did. Several did live blogs chock full of pictures, and there are even quick videos of the Desire HD and Desire Z in action. So, we have rounded up the best of the best for you in one convenient place. Check out the links after the break. 




  • Desire Z hands-on (video)
  • Desire HD hands-on (video)



Kyle Gibb
  • don't forget this!!!
  • I thought it was so funny, last night I looked at my YouTube subscriptions came up with HTCs video of the Desire Z..... And a couple minutes into it they start describing the screen as 3.6" hahaha, how embarrassing that a professionally done video done for someone so big couple let something like that slip though and it wasn't as if it was just text the voice describing the ad said 3.6" Anyway the video has been taken down and hopefully another one comes soon.
  • Desire HD is still NOT the European HSPA+ version of the EVO 4G. Just a minor refresh of the HD2 with Androïd 2.2. Shame on HTC to treat their European customers so badly this year, not bringing a real 4.3″ flagship product to them.
    I’ll wait for HTC to complete the work before jumping to Androïd 2.2.
    - No Front facing camera is just UN-ACCEPTABLE for European 3G early adopters. No question to loose 3GPP Visio feature. Not mentionning we’d like to get Skype HD on top of it.
    - No WiFi Hot-spot/Theethering to share the huge HSPA+ bandwidth (TBC).
    - No Kick Stand, to use it as small TV for 3G TV included in our packages & videos
    - No HDMI port to connect to HD TV to play HD media contents on it.
    Please HTC back to work. Europe want that from you guys. Wake up !
  • You didn't get the news, did you? :) You are right, Desire HD is NOT the European HSPA+ version of EVO 4G. It is BETTER than Evo! (Hence also better than HD2) Evo uses the first generation Snapdragon processor, based on 65nm technology. Desire HD uses 45nm second generation Snapdragon processor, featuring Adreno 205 GPU. Graphics performance-wise, it will be MUCH faster than EVO or any other Snapdragon based phones of today, except G2/Desire Z which should perform similarly. Adreno 205 offers other goodies too, such as hardware accelerated Flash. And not to mention it will consume less power due to 45nm usage. You can read more about Adreno 205 in this article: