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The notch is fine and you should get used to it

In the wake of newly announced phones like the ASUS Zenfone 5 and the rumored Huawei P20, there's been a lot of talk about the dreaded notch coming to more Android phones. A lot of people have pointed the blame at the iPhone X for starting this hardware trend, but while it's true that Apple has been the most high-profile notched phone as of yet, Essential was the first to cut out a portion of the display.

But what's the point of the notch in the first place? And doesn't it get in the way of certain apps and the phone's general interface?

Why the notch is there

As bezels are shrinking further and further down, manufacturers are starting to run out of room for the various sensors on a phone, like infrared, proximity, and the front-facing camera. While some OEMs have come to other solutions like retractable selfie cams, it seems that the easiest way to slim down the top bezel is with a notch; ideally one just big enough to house the phone's sensors while still leaving plenty of room to the sides for as much screen as possible.

The notch takes the place of a bezel above the display and helps reduce the overall height of a phone.

It cuts into the display, sure, but you're still getting far more real estate to work with than if the screen just stopped before the notch. This means more room for information — you don't have to scroll through a web page as often because there's more vertical space for the content to fill. You can suddenly see more of the app you're in while you're typing.

This is a benefit originally brought on by the elongated aspect ratio craze (18:9 and beyond), but that introduced a new issue: with a longer display comes a taller phone that's harder to hold or fit into a pocket. The notch brings slimmer vertical bezels, which helps cut down on that added height.

The notch isn't perfect, though

As many are quick to point out, though, the notch comes with its own set of problems. While it cuts down on bezels, that added screen real estate is sort of canceled out by the reduced space for the status bar up top. On the Essential Phone, whose notch simply houses the front-facing camera and takes up minimal space, that's not such a big deal; the status bar simply occupies more vertical space to match the notch, and the status bar works as usual.

On the iPhone X, however, there's significantly less room for icons up top, so the status bar has been rearranged and houses less information — you can't even see your battery percentage without accessing Control Center. Android phones have an even bigger risk of running out of room, since notifications each get their own individual icon in the status bar.

On the bright side, it's already confirmed that Android Pie will bring universal notch support to Android. While we don't know exactly what that'll look like just yet, it's good to see optimized software quickly following the hardware.

Not(ch) the end of the world

Like most new hardware trends, the notch comes with a set of pros and cons, and it likely isn't the perfect option for everyone — after all, some people still prefer bezels. Still, I personally don't mind the notch, even if it does get in the way of fullscreen videos.

What are your thoughts? Would you rock a phone with a notch — and do you already? Let us know in the comments below!

Hayato was a product reviewer and video editor for Android Central.

  • If Android officially bring back the notch then I'm gonna start using landlines again! Kind regards Richard U.K
  • Guess you're getting a landline.
  • I think he means on the pixel line. Either way, Samsung is not using it and odds are they won't. So it's something majority of Android users won't have to deal with.
  • The notch is notcho friend!
  • LOL so dramatic. Good luck with that
  • The essentials notch is ok, but that's about it.
  • There will always be other and better solutions to the minimal bezel race. The notch and it's promoters can eat a D. It's a bad solution.
  • since you have it figured out, go make a notch-less phone for us
  • He doesn't need to. There are hundreds of phones in the market without notches, many of them wildly successful.
  • Not for long
  • Pretty sure forever. The notch is hideous. Even Apple knows it and is allegedly getting rid of it in the next iPhone.
  • Vivo already did that.
  • Samsung phones have no notch and no one is complaining about their bezel size. And I'm not even a Samsung fan.
  • For now they dont. Who knows maybe the Note 9 will or next years phones will come with it. They could play it smart like they re doing with leaving the headphone jack and not include the notch and they ll win a lot of customers /fans like that who don't want a notch design phone
  • I don't need to. Essential, Samsung and tons of others already have. You lose.
  • The notch is just eczema. It's fine.
  • Best 1st comment ever in a while😁😂😂😂😁😁😁😁
  • well then i will buy samsung or xiaomi...looks like only those two are with out notches crap...well i guess vivo apex too.
  • For now. If Samsung's next phone doesn't have a notch just like they haven't removed the headphone jack then kudos to them.
  • Nokia and Sony too.
  • Notch Ok with the idea!!
    Bezels FTW
  • for me the notch is not fine, and no I dont have to get used to it, I will vote with my wallet. if others like it, thats fine too, they will have plenty to choose from.
  • No. The Notch is not fine.
  • Why take away from you viewing pleasure. It's ridiculous, so no notch!
  • My problem with it is that it's clearly a compromise that nobody really needed to make. It just seems like the 1/8" or 1/4" bezel up top was never a real problem for most folks, only a vocal few.
  • True statement
  • As one of those vocal people pushing for less bezel, this is an idiotic way to do it. I'd love a full bezelless phone, but I'd give up the FFC light years before I asked for a chunk of my screen to be taken away. Granted I know that is not going to happen, so just leave an Samsung style bezel (and use the space wisely for front firing stereo speakers too). I don't know anyone who wants bezelless that thinks this is an acceptable solution.
  • How are you supposed to hold this bezel-less phone without touching the screen and activating the touchscreen? And how will cases protect these phones when they have to leave the edge of the screen exposed? Should they make the edges of the touchscreen a dead zone, nullifying the usefulness of the touchscreen itself? That would create, in effect, a bezel. An invisible bezel, but still a bezel. I don't get it.
  • I allways thought having no bezels would be cool, now actually there are phones with no bezels, and it's terrible when you swiping to the side of the screen and your finger "falls of the screen".
  • Exactly right!
  • Let me guess...because the iPixel 3 will likely have a notch it suddenly isn't a big deal?
    Pathetic. " that added screen real estate is sort of canceled out by the reduced space for the status bar up top. " What real estate? The space in those horns created by the notch is absolutely useless. It will not allow for ANY useful thing. You're NOT going to "see" more of anything on any app. As pointed out, it only reduces space for notifications.
    A notch is a stupid solution.
    So stupid that even Apple is apparently going to drop it because, apparently, not even the iSheep accepted such a retarded design. I'm all in favour of simply removing the front facing camera altogether. But since I know OEMs won't do that, a pop up camera is a good idea. Or, better yet, dispelling this idiotic notion that a phone should be ALL display. Bezels aren't a problem. They never were. EXCESSIVE bezels were.
    These are typical "solutions looking for a problem". I'm never buying a phone with a notch. Ever.
    Unless that "notch" is at the BOTTOM of the phone and serves to house the fingerprint scanner (which shouldn't be a solution anyway now that there are under-the-display fps).
  • Lol I was thinking that. Pixel 3... To notch or not to notch??
  • Removing the front camera is not an option when it comes to things like video chat, the pop-up camera is just another thing on a device that can break, that has to be water/dust sealed. Neither of those options is really feasible, but the pop-up camera will be given the go. I'll personally deal with the notch like the Essential phone over a pop-up though. I completely agree with you about bezels, the problem was excessive bezels. I think the Pixel 2 XL generally got it right, too bad there were other issues with that phone and it was ungodly expensive. I have a nasty feeling you're also right about the Pixel 3 getting the notch...
  • I imagine the 'built in' notch support in Android P will essentially provide a way to optionally leave the part of the screen that would otherwise be bezel black, essentially eliminating the notch and displaying a traditional notification bar underneath the sensors. But seriously, if you don't have too many notifications, what does that buy you - except less screen real estate, like the author says? Sure, with a notch in the middle, you may not see all of your notification icons - but if you have that many notifications queued up, you can simply swipe down and deal with them or dismiss them. The notch is the worst solution to front-facing sensors on a bezel-less phone, except for the bezel - or an ungodly tall phone.
  • We've already seen what notch support looks like. The new status bar design in P is clearly intended to leave as large of a blank space as possible in the center. Samsung phones (and maybe stock? Idk) have been able to limit the number of displayed notification icons to 3, followed by a "..." for a number of years now, which leaves the center of the notification bar completely unused so they'll probably implement something that like that's dynamic so OEM's can change how many are displayed based on the size of the notch.
  • I never used the front camera ever.
    Never made a selfie. Never did a video converence just with the phone.
  • Talk about it my brother!!!
  • Preach!!!!
  • This 100% ^^^ Android Central is now ok with the notch (cause they know its incoming on the pixel 3)
  • I bet your right about pixel 3 and a notch :D
  • "Yes emperor! Of course i can see your new clothes! They're BEAUTIFUL!". Lol, added screen with a notch covering 80% of it... What a sham.
  • @ DJCBS The notch was there bec as their original design of having an all screen phone with the sensors underneath couldn't work that was the closest to maximizing it. Personally I love the notch look. I much prefer it if there was a thin bezel. This year's X successors will have the same type of notch design shape but a lot smaller as the components will be integrated opposed to being separate. Rumors say 2019 iPhones will have no notch so we shall see.
  • Has it been reported that the Pixel 3 will have a notch? Man, I hope not.
  • Bubble bursted I’m sorry, yes it will support a notch and not because other android phones adopted it but it’s uocoming on their own devices
  • Still early but so far some sites are reporting (take it with a grain of salt as they say) will probably have some "kind of iPhone X-inspired notch of some sort".
  • So just speculation based on Android P including support for notches. I will hold out hope...for now.
  • Best post ever.
  • This comment is better than this entire ridiculous article. Notches are dumb AF and there is no justifying it.
  • If the Pixel 3 has a notch I'll probably hold onto my Pixel XL or grab a 2 XL. The notch is terrible design, it was terrible when Apple did it, and it'll be terrible when every Android manufacturer does it.
  • Nope.
  • Oneplus does it best
  • YES love my 5t and the top and bottom bezels are so small that it doesn't even make a difference.
  • Sadly the rumors indicate that the OnePlus 6 has a notch. I'm so happy I bought the 5T before this notch craziness, now I can wait a year or two for this trend to pass.
  • The notch is a terrible design decision which for some reason people have accepted because apple did it. My note 8 has a perfectly acceptable screen to body ratio and no need for a stupid notch
  • No, Essential did it. iphone followed, with an ugly notch.
  • No one is copying the Essential phone. They may have been first but they certainly aren't who people are copying.
  • Exactly. No one cares what Essential do.
  • Except for the fact that they made one of the best phones available (and probably the best hardware of ANY phone). YOU don't care, because I'm sure you only look at what apple and samsung do and put blinders on for anything else
  • Hahaha. I've never owned an Apple or Samsung smartphone... Or any other product of theirs. I'd literally go back to a Motorola V3 before using an iPhone. What YOU or I think of yo the phone is completely irrelevant, I'm going on sales figures and public influence and what that says is no one cares about the Essential phone. Do you honestly think Essential are more influential and copyable than Apple? Are you a stock owner or just a fanboy?
  • Couldn't agree more. Being first doesn't mean that people are following your lead. When you sell under 100,000 units, you're not moving the market.
  • @ rld082982 No cares if the Essential did the notch first. Haven't you learned anything in the past history even if Apple wasnt the first but when they release something they popularize it and cause the trend bec they usually do it better and or cooler?. These are just these latest examples of them causing the trend adding dual cameras with portrait mode, facial recognition, their controversial notch design and animojis.
  • You can't possibly be so delusional as to believe that Apple included a notch because of the Essential phone. The only reason they did it first is because they beat apple to market by a few months. Apple probably had a prototype X with a notch in early 2016.
  • Yeah, and the amusing part being that the Samsung S8/S8+/Note 8/S9/S9+ all have a higher screen to body ratio than the iPhone X still.
  • Sure. But if your Note 8 could display essentially all of the same info in a package that's a half-inch shorter, why not do it? Aesthetics dictate that if there's a bezel up top, you're gonna want a balancing one below, generating even more gratuitous height (though the Essential doesn't do that, and it looks fine). I have an Axon 7, which has front-facing speakers + modest top and bottom bezels around the screen. It's fine, but yeah, I'd vote for 1. keeping the speakers. 2. Moving any remaining sensors below the speakers to the top speaker bezel. 3. Getting rid of the capacitive buttons and the bezel they live on at the bottom. I.e. bezels where they're needed in as short as possible a device for the screen size.
  • The notch does not accomplish anything (aside from giving tech blogs something to write about): you either lose the space at the top of your handset to a bezel or to the notch. Either way it's gone. This is the kind of "feature" (design failure) you get when phone designers run out of innovative ideas in a mature product category.
  • It takes half a day to get use to it and not notice it anymore. Unless you do it wrong like the Iphone X... that's a ridiculous notch.
  • What's different about the way Apple does it?
  • It's huge... takes up at least half of the screen width. They might as well did no notch. At least Essential's is only the small width of the front facing camera
  • Can the notch be hidden with software?
    If yes what's the problem?
    If no I'm sure it won't be long until it can, then what's the problem? But I must say I'm totally outraged that there could be a hidden notch somewhere on my phone. Bet it's a Chinese thing steeling my data....
  • Hahaha. Those pesky Chinese spy tools!
  • It's "stealing", not "steeling".
  • Yes lol, unless I was steeling myself for the comments to follow...
  • I have an iPhone X and the notch is fine. Saying "you should get used to it" is obnoxious. I still prefer the Infinity Display to the notch.
  • I prefer a flat screen with a notch to a curved screen with bezels.
  • Too each their own! I have to say, the curve is very unpronounced on the S9+ but I certainly am not bothered by the notch on the X either.
  • The notch itself is not as evil as some people make it. Like you said, to each their own. While the usefulness of 'reclaimed' screen estate is dubious, it kinda is a fashion statement.
    What I really hate is how almost all high-end phones released this year are copycats of iPhone X. Same front, similar back. I bet most of these phones keep the notch as big as X's just because that's how X has it. Not because it's actually needed. We're on the way of all phones looking exactly the same, and that's a big problem.
  • You only have yourselves to blame. Complaining about bezels for the past 2 years has resulted in curved edges, on screen nav keys, Finger Print Sensors moved around the back of the phone and now the dreaded 'notch'. Be careful what you wish for folks 😉
  • On screen buttons and fingerprint sensor on the back are fine with me. Everything else is useless.
  • i'm notch your friend, pal
  • Please stop the puns, they're notch funny 🤭 hehe
  • No
  • Hayato....No...The notch is NOT fine and I should NOT get used to it. Like others, I will not be fine and will not get used to it by letting my wallet speak!
  • NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. Its not fine and I will not accept it. It looks dumb and that is not usable space. A little bit of bezel is a good thing. Give me a little at the top for the sensors and a little at the bottom to match with stereo speakers.
  • No thanks. You can get used to it. I'll pass.
  • Definitely not buying a phone with a NOTCH!. Sh*t ugly.
  • Oh no! A notch! My phone will now be dramatically smaller for the same screen real estate, but I will still cry and moan because I'm a complainer. 1st world problems....
  • It's clearly not a "real" problem, but given a choice between one with and one without a notch, I'm more likely to choose the latter. Multiply that by however many thousands or millions of people facing the same decision and manufacturers will surely phase out the notches within a year or two.
  • Actually, iPhone users do have a choice. Only the X has the notch - plus it's a lot more expensive. But I see iPhone X's all over (admittedly, in status-conscious New York City). So either people like the notch (or don't mind it), or they're so intent on broadcasting they paid a thousand bucks for a phone that they live with a notch they hate. Boy, the joke'll really be on them once all these cheapo Chinese notched phones start appearing, and their $1000 diamond may just as well be a cubic zirconium.
  • I seem to remember the screaming about removable batteries. it'll pass
  • People are still screaming about them... and physical keyboards.
  • Generally I am pro-bezel simply because I need something to grasp around without touching the screen. So side bezels are more important to me than chin and forehead bezels. To me the notch just looks like a narrow/slender, rounded edge top bezel. It needs to be there to provide real estate for the camera and optical sensor. Similar to the moto360 flat tire. It looks kind of odd, but if you want to maximize screen area at the top around what are essentially immovable objects, then I guess its alright. I could get used to it so long as its not bigger than it needs to be to house that immovable hardware. The iPhone X notch though that seems needlessly BIG, and intrudes onto screen areas that are used for display information.
  • The thing about the iphone notch,though, is that it is that size because it houses all the sensors for face ID. So it has a functional purpose. Seems these android manufacturers are doing it for aesthetic reasons, which is completely asinine.
  • Camera? Just like the iPhone has cameras in it?
  • but then why so big and not small like Essential? They're doing it for the look
  • No
  • People ***** because of large bezels. Bezels reduced, you get a notch, they still *****. Perfect phone is made, people will ***** because it's perfect. Rinse and Repeat.
  • No one bitched about the Moto X bezels or the bezels on the Nexus 5 or any Samsung phone.
  • Lol the comments are funny!!!...most people hating the notch, probably hate it cause it has came to be known as "apple" notch.....A.C. on the other hand is embracing it because, well they know Android oem's understand IT IS a apple thing lol. and anything that is a "apple thing", makes money regardless of how bad it is, so "quick jump on the bandwagon, and cut a notch into ur phones face, cause apples doing it" 😂😂!!!!!!!
  • I'm against the notch. I'd rather have nothing in the way of the display. Just make the bezel occupy that whole space like Samsung does. They still manage to have minimal bezels, and I think that's the way it should be done. Having a notch really serves no purpose. Yeah, manufacturers are putting sensors and stuff there, but they don't HAVE to shrink the bezels that much. They're just doing something to be doing it. I will never be for it.
  • Exactly!
  • The notch is not fine.
    Lack of headphone jack is not fine.
    Lack of micro SD card slot is not fine.
    Curved screen is not fine.
    Non-removable battery is not fine.
    2:1 screen is not fine.
    Huge phone is not fine. Get off my lawn.
  • The notch is not fine.: Agreed
    Lack of headphone jack is not fine.: Mehh..
    Lack of micro SD card slot is not fine.: Agreed...mostly.
    Curved screen is not fine.: Well, it ain't common enough to be a real issue.
    Non-removable battery is not fine.: Meh. Let it go.
    2:1 screen is not fine.: It is fine. It's superior, in fact. I'm totally sold on the 18:9 ratio.
    Huge phone is not fine.: Buy a smaller one, then. I'm surprised you aren't complaining about no more phones with physical keyboards...
  • I agree with the "Huge phone is not fine".
    All high end phones are getting too big, the only smaller options tend to be mid-end that are not good enough.
    Apple and samsung are the only ones that still make a not-giant flagship, if samsung stops then I'll be out of options if I don't consider an iphone
  • And also Sony too.
    I'm with stet, big phones are not for me.
    Pixel 2 was great but a little tall for me. The size of the 1st Pixel was pretty good.
  • I’m using the iPhone X as my daily driver and the notch is mostly a non-issue. Only those who’ve never used one would hate it.
  • Agree, people just like to ***** nowadays. Their day is not complete until they do. Kind of a drug.
  • At least the notch on your phone has a purpose in its design other than "Apple did it".
  • Agreed. I have a X as well and has never bothered me. Other things about Apple yes, but not that
  • Notch is useless, takes away from what I use, the screen. Make the phone taller and put it there, don't take away part of my screen.
  • If the Pixel 3 XL has a notch, I'm not upgrading. **** Apple.
  • **** the notch
  • I like the notch. Hopefully Pixel 3 has one.
    I'm serious folks.
  • I was hoping for 2 notches.. Top and bottom
  • Make it 4. Don't forget the side notches.
  • Translation: I'm a Google fanboy, I know Google will imitate whatever Apple does, so here's my pre-emptive approval when the Pixel 3 has a notch.
  • Alternate translation: He simply has different preferences and priorities than you and therefore has a different opinion.
  • If Samsung can do it...
    My point is, STOP BUYING INTO THE NO BEZELS MOVEMENT...we dont need it. Im not happy with the length of Samsung phones, but I'm not a fan of their form factor period. Take me back to note 5/7. Even those phones had room for smaller top and bottom bezels. There is no need for bezeless phones. Its... impractical, oh yeah and ugly as hell.
    (Not a Samsung user)
  • Echoing the negative sentiment towards Android adopting the notch. One of Android's strengths over iOS is it's notification system and the status bar plays a role in that. Tweaking how the status bar operates for the aesthetic preference of more screen real estate is only going to impact how notifications are displayed on the screen. Something's gotta give . . so what are we losing, the clock? Status indicators? Or less notification icons? Persistent notifications already take up precious space, will we get better control over those?
  • I think one of the reasons for moving the clock to the left is the notch. Having a feeling Pixel 3 will sport a notch.
  • Sad when technology goes from "innovation" to "hey they did it, why not us... who cares how impractical it is or how people feel about it"...
  • Android P limits you to 3 notifications. Since T-Mobile WiFi Calling takes up a notification, and I usually have music/youtube/podcast playing in the backgournd, or paused, that takes up a second. Google Now/News/Weather notifications are often present, so there's 3..... So Android just removed the huge advantage it has over iPhones, which make you manually check for notifications. Because now I have to manually check for notifications. Its like they want me to buy an iPhone.
  • I enjoy having a ton of icons fill up my notification bar. With a notch, the space on both sides becomes a premium. But I bet AT&T will still demand some of that space so they can remind you what carrier you have. Right now, my notification bar is showing I'm on ATT, Bluetooth enabled, 4 bars cellular signal, battery percentage w/ icon and time. For what? Just to say, "Yeahh we got more screen!" But I guess when holding my phone in landscape, I can place my finger over the notch and not feel like I'm missing any of the action. It just happens that I'll be covering up the speaker/earpiece.
  • If I want a phone that looks like an Apple phone then I will buy an Apple phone!
    If Android has an ugly notch on the top, bottom, front or back I'm not buying one!!
  • Speak for yourself. I will never own a phone with something so ugly that serves zero practical purpose.
  • Compare any phone to the essential phone and you'll see that it has the best screen to body ratio, thanks to that notch that I don't even notice anymore after having it for longer than a day. It's like half the size as my 6P was. Thank you, notch, now I can have my phone in my pocket comfortably again
  • I honestly don't get why you're defending the notch and Android P when the overwhelming majority feel very differently!!
  • Response to title:
    No, it's not and no, we shouldn't.
  • Fine stands for ****** up, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional! So no the Notch is not F.I.N.E. No Notch! No Notch! No Notch!
  • Whoa talk about opinion projection in the title. Why the duck should I get used to a stupid and useless solution at a dick measuring contest of reducing bezels?
  • Amen brother!
  • I'm pretty sure by the time some of us reluctantly gets used to it, the notch would have already disappeared It's likely a fad
  • Agree, had essential phone have the iPhone X and Pixel 2 XL and the notch on iPhone X doesn't bother me one bit. Everytime when I switch from Pixel to iPhone I'm not thinking damn this notch is bad. Zero problem with the notch *personally*
  • But why do you have 3 flagship phones that came out at just about the same time? That's the real question
  • They are just really into phones? I'm surprised at this question.
  • The notch isn't fine, and you should get use to it. Why do you guys make articles, stating your opinion as fact, and then telling everyone to bad? Sounds ridiculous....and it is ridiculous.
  • Thank you Samsung, no notch, stereo speaker's & ear buds in the box. No, no no to the stupid notch! It is not very practical & hinders viewing while watching video's!
  • And curved screens don't ruin the viewing experience?
  • If it takes away the screen from my videos, it's not fine at all. It's a very stupid idea. Do better.
  • Notch isnt that bad after holding the iphine 10. But its taking up notification space. Samsung phone have a good bezel size. What brought us to the notch?
  • Anyone else get sick of AC telling us what we should or should not do. Seems like there is an article every week that includes "you should" or "you need". Smug bastards don't know what I need or should do.
  • Exactly. The only "he needs" here is he needs to be removed from the site until he stops posting these egomaniac articles.
  • Thank you!! Getting sick of it too. Like that other article about 64gb should be enough for everyone. GTFO! Lol sorry don't speak for me or the rest of the world.
  • Bang on. "you don't have an opinion and you should like what we tell you to like"
  • Now that we have told you what need today, here is another article about how to turn on your PS4!
  • And which MicroSD card is best for (insert current flagship phone, tablet, other smart device that supports expandable storage here) (spoiler alert, it's the same for all of them)
  • Looks like the Pixel 3 will have a notch LOL That's the only reason for a shill piece like this to exist. Enjoy more Apple cloning stock loyalists!!!
  • NO. The notch is NOT okay and no one should follow that trend. It's useless and offers no added functionality.
  • Speaking of notches Heads up for anyone living in Canada looking for the 360 Essential Cam. Telus is currently selling it for 49.99 Crazy right
  • The notch is fine if it's needed. Not used to copy certain fruit. Essential used it just fine as did sharp with Aquos 2. Even Apple did it justice because it served a purpose. But these copy cat Android phones are just that. Copying a trend for no other reason than to be part of it. Madness.
  • Wait, so when Apple ditches the notch next year, and most of the other phone makers follow suit, and there is no more notch, do we still need to get used to it?
  • I'll take the bezels before I'll take that hideous notch The only reason there is one is because Apple was too lazy to innovate a solution and they knew that there fan base would buy it regardless. Whats the point of having more screen if you have an annoying notch that obstructs part of the screen
  • For notifications.. what's so hard to understand?
  • Nope. Try again.
  • How does it make notifications better it sometimes block icons from appearing on the screen cause most developers don't work with it