The TAG Heuer LINK smartphone runs Froyo, costs $6,700

TAG Heuer has unveiled the Link smartphone -- a 3.5-inch snakeskin covered Gorilla Glass coated precision made phone that will certainly fulfill any James Bond-like fantasies we would happen to harbor.  Specs are a little unknown, but what TAG Heuer is telling us won't be likely to tickle anyone looking for a powerhouse:

  • Quadband GSM HSUPA enabled
  • 800x480 LCD @16,000,000 colors
  • 256MB RAM
  • 5MP camera
  • Android 2.2
  • And a choice of materials: 316L Stainless steel, Gold, Diamonds, Black PVD, Titanium, Rubber, Calfskin leather, Carbon leather, Alligator and Lizard

Clearly dated specs in the age of dual-core and 3D, but I doubt TAG Heuer is going after the typical Android geek with this one.  Especially with $6,700 as the base price.  It will fill a very small niche, and maybe we'll see one at a police auction one day, because this one won't be hitting the AT&T store any time soon.  Anyone at TAG Heuer who would like me to review this one, please contact me.  Pretty please.  Anyhoo, check out the video after the break.  You know you want to.

Source: A Blog to Read, via: Dvice

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Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • Words do not begin to describe how asinine this product is!!!! It doesnt even have gingerbread for heaven's sake??!!!
  • This makes me wonder if this had Ice cream sandwich on it before anything else, Who would buy it then?
  • I'm loling. You would think for almost 7 grand it would have... do I even need to say it? I feel adding specs would be redundant. I'm just going to say that I can buy a calculator from CVS for 5 bucks and it would have better internals than this
  • The people who would buy this 7k phone won't do it for it spec.s
    They will get to show off
    I gotta admit the GMT series is allot better (design wise) than this one even though they are running symbian OS
  • It doesn't need better specs. People dumb enough to pay this price only know how to receive phone calls anyway. Maybe a few can actually dial a call, but they have people for that.
  • Serious lack of Design, what were they thinking. Avant-Crap!
  • "Actually... yes, yes I WILL take the Asurion insurance for $5/month. Thanks!"
  • I got mine!!! Not.
  • If those are just a sample of the specs this phone is a joke & makes the Ally look like a Droid Bionic
  • for me to buy a phone that costs 6700 dollars, it would have to run Android Zeppole, be able to fully charge in direct sunlight, do my laundry, cook 3 meals, and give me pleasure...
  • pleasure? Why sir that's what vibrate and calling yourself is for!
  • That phone better have laser beam weaponry in it.
  • This thing is a joke, if I was rich I would not waste my money on that crap.
  • Where is the hole?
  • You could "one off" a solid gold case for a bad ass phone for half that price! A Tag belongs on my wrist, not my phone..
  • Better get its own forum here on AC, alot of ppl are gonna want to learn how to root this thing.... HA!
  • If you pay attention during the video it shows a super user icon... probably indication that its pre-rooted. BTW- If I am rich enough than I would get the 10,000 pound black gold Android watch... but if I am some rich dueche than I would get both just to be a dick!
  • At that price, I doubt anyone would insure it, and the buyer doubtfully cares about voiding a warranty ), nor will any carrier be selling subsidized why wouldn't it come pre-rooted? Oh right, because no one who would buy this would know what to do with it. Seriously, this is the dumbest use of android yet.
  • lol Rooted or not I'm sure all the devs will be all about whipping up custom roms for a phone nobody wants or can afford.
  • I agree. Where is the hole?
  • At the end of the video it looks more like a bastard child of a digital picture frame and a belt buckle. Also, anyone who claims to have avant garde technology while running 1+ year old software deserves a good kidney punch.
  • The next time your iFanboy friend tells you that the iPhone is better designed then any Android phone, show him this.
  • The back looks hideous :|
  • Really? It just goes to show you anyone that would conceive something like this is totally out of touch with the segment that buys an android phone to begin with. Hell, they're out of touch with everyone. Wow.
  • It probably says it's running Froyo only because it took ILM 18 months to finish those visuals. At the time they were thinkin' into the future! Once they update the text it'll be good to go.
  • Froyo? No dual core? 256 mb of RAM? At that price, the thing better be unlocked. Anyone who buys this phone definitely has more money than sense and can just right me a big fat check.
  • Ok serious question: Is there ANYONE out there that actually reviews these very limited run, super expensive phones? Is there one phone like this out there that a real tech nerd has used and could truly say that if this phone didn't cost 6 months' worth of mortgage payments, it would be a hit?
  • Since Tag Heuer made this and they are a top watch maker... does this phone even have a battery? They should have either made it a wind-up or a shake to wind. That would have made for a nice "trick" feature that you wouldn't see on any other phone.
  • I can't believe all the hate here on this phone. I think it's insanely cool.
    You all can't get past the Android specs, you all are completely missing the point. You can get a Timex for $45, or a Rolex for $6000.
    Same concept here.
    If I were rich, and I'm not, I'd jump all over this.
  • The problem is Rolexs arent just cheap ass watches covered in gold, they are engineered through and through. This is little more than a ZTE Blade with a gold cover and some cow hide stuck to it. Rolexs dont age, this is already obsolete.
  • For that amount of money, I will just get a Omega Speedmaster or a Panerai Luminor.
  • All I know is u pay 7 grand and it has 256mb ram. Haha wowwww. N shitty screen at that too. I agree. Get a Rolex. Haha. Also yes its a niche market but for how much ur paying ur telling me they really couldn't have spent little more money and actually put some decent hardware in it. Like wowww
  • I've definitely seen better specs on a calculator, but dang... That is one sexy phone. And yes, it's all about the concept of "luxury."
    It's really ridiculous to spend that much on a phone, but when you're rich, you wanna show stuff off. This is definitely something I would show off if I were rich. Oh man. It would be so nice.
  • Why do you need more then what is offered in this phone. I think the people who would buy this phone have a specializes device for music, a tablet and what ever. This phone is meant to make calls and be seen, not surf the web or use high end Apps.
  • OK, i don't think any of you guys get the point of this phone.. it's not meant to be this "amazing, revolutionary, superphone" a poweruser would want, it's a stylish phone a rich person or celebrity would want. Whoever buys it, isn't gonna be concerned with the amount of ram or the type of radio it has on it, or even give the slightest care of what version of android it's running... All it is, is a symbol of wealth.
  • judging by the last couple responses here... all the money in the world couldn't buy these ppl decent taste. anyone who lives off of owning things to wow other ppl is pathetic, you should own things because they wow you.
  • Don't say that to anybody that owns an iPhone. ;)
  • I should be able to wind the phone up using the ginormous crown on the side.
  • Probly one of the ugliest android phones out there if you ask me. Looks like a GZone or that yellow and back piece of crap from AT&T. It's not sleek, it's not sexy, it's just expensive... and I think we've covered its lack of specs already. Price and specs aside, is there anyone here that thinks this is even a good looking phone?
  • Actually this phone addresses one of android's major drawbacks, which is intimidating non-power users with the huge number of choices out there. Imagine you're a celebrity, a real A-lister: you want a phone that's gonna be brag-worthy/sexy/richtastic months after you buy it, but you probably don't know jack crap about smartphone OS's and certainly nothing about top-tier hardware. You could go to all the trouble of sorting through the EVOs and the DROIDS and the MyTouches, G2's Nexuses (Nexi? Nexa?) and be no closer to having a phone that says 'I am cool, right motherf*cking NOW,' because all that would become evident during that search is that there's always a better phone right around the corner. Nobody whose job is to appear current would bother buying this week's phone, because they know they're just going to look passé when they pull it out next week. The solution is to pick a usable, well-researched, stabilized, and customizable OS (like, how many different ways from Sunday has froyo been rooted?) like android 2.2 and put it in some hardware that's not going to tax it, even in the least, so unlike some more cutting-edge android phones (like my stupid Nexus S 4G that turns itself off when it feels like it), it will always work. Then you wrap that sh*t in some white gold, put some chrome and leather on it, and wah-lah, future-proof virtue of being more 'classic' than 'future,' if you take my meaning.
  • does it come with a kickstand??
  • C'mon guys, Apple is leading in terms of price. Their items are so expensive compared to android. So now that we have this, who is now leading? Yeah you got it! Android! :P
  • Wow....this one ugly piece of dog poo and to think they charge you an arm and a leg for it.This post just have me my daily lol w/e.
  • I wonder if the watch crown actually does anything? At those prices, I would expect them to use freshly clubbed baby seal leather.
  • Ewww! To think some one got a lot of money to develop this nonsense.
  • Items at that price should actually feature a premium style. This Android looks about as tasteful as a rhinestone iPhone. (Wouldn't be caught dead with either of them.)
  • I don't care if I were a billionaire, this would still be one of the most ridiculous purchases ever. Not so much because of the cost, but because the specs on this thing match those of phones that came out one or two years ago. You would think that for this money, they would at least make an effort to keep the specs on par with the other, $200 phones out there.
  • When you absolutely, positively have too much money ...
  • Wonder if it will shop pre-rooted? If so it might just be worth it........not.
  • I will only buy it if it has 4g
  • at 1:18 you can see the Super User app hahaha rooted on the commercial