T-Mobile Sensation 4G available at Walmart June 12, in T-Mobile stores 'by June 15'

T-Mobile announced tonight that the HTC Sensation 4G will be available "by June 15" in retail stores nationwide, leaving open the possibility of earlier availability. Or if a hard date's your thing, you can get it June 12 at select Walmart locations. Pricing was not announced. In a separate release, T-Mobile said the Sensation 4G will cost $199 with a 2-year contract and $50 mail-in rebate.

The Sensation has quickly become one of the most anticipated phones of the summer, with its 4.3-inch qHD Super LCD display, 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 8MP camera and 1080p video recording. And along with that it's running Android 2.3 Gingerbread out of the box, with the latest version of HTC's Sense user interface, including the updated lock screen that will take you straight to different functions of the device.

Source: T-Mobile (opens in new tab)

  • err June 15th? sweet also on the 12th at walmart? waiting to get pre-order on T-mobile as soon as its available. We have some "sensational" news coming later tonight. Keep an eye on the @TMobile Twitter stream.
  • I want this on sprint, I don't care about 3D and I don't want to downgrade my camera from a 8mp to 5mp unless its as good or better then the iPhone 4 5mp camera....
  • Oh my god. You post this EXACT thing in every sensation/EVO3D post. Please learn about megapixels before spewing your nonsense.
  • hahaha, copy and paste.
  • 1) The Evo 3D has much more RAM
    2) The Evo 3D has much more Flash storage
    3) The Evo 3D has a considerably higher capacity battery
    4) The Evo 3D supposedly has a BETTER camera (MP is meaningless) So exactly how is the Evo 3D a "downgrade"?
  • I agree with wanting this on Sprint, and not needing the 3D features. As far as the rest of the argument I don't care. I really don't want to leave Sprint as their service is good right now.
  • OK, so you want an inferior phone when a much better one will be available on the carrier of your choice. You are just one really logical person.
  • There is no way sprint would allow HTC to make a camera on the Evo 3d that would be worse than the 8migipixel camera on the Evo 4g. Think about it for htc to produce this device it's pretty clear that the camera will be perfectly fine. Your overreacting on this one.
  • As a current Verizon customer I'm a little jealous of just how "on it" T-mobile has been about keeping up with the latest phones. Meanwhile, Verizon has the most pathetic "4G" line-up.
  • THATS why i'm leaving for verizon for this phone.
  • Unless you can't afford verizon anymore, than leaving verizon for tmo is the worst decision for a phone you could ever make.
  • unlees youre like me and have excellent coverage from all carriers and like top of the line phones.
  • Exactly. Where I live in Northern DE (30mins from Philly), I get great coverage from all the major carriers. So picking a carrier to me comes down to price and phones because coverage isn't an issue. And I've had much better experiences with TMO's customer service than VZW's.
  • What makes the joke even WORSE ON VERIZON is that they have the NERVE TO CHARGE 250.00 AND 300.00 DOLLARS FOR SINGLECORE DEVICES and they don't even have a dualcore device yet. I wonder what that will cost 350.00???? Don't get caught up in that LTE stuff on verizon because all it does is DRAIN YOUR BATTERY DRY ASK THUNDERBOLT OWNERS ON VERIZON IF THEY ARE TRUTHFUL WITH YOU...Right now IT'S PRETTY CLEAR that tmobile and sprint ARE KICKING VERIZON AND AT&T'S REAR END UP AND DOWN THE STREET OF TECHNOLOGY...Verizon FANBOYS WON'T ADMITT THAT POINT
  • dude why are you yelling? I'm sitting right here in front of the screen.
  • well..the X2 is dual core. but i hear where youre coming from. the fact that the Charge is $300 is unthinkable.
  • That's because Verizon carrier equivalent of Apple. They want things their way and on their own terms. Not saying that's a bad thing but it is what it is. A carrier like TMO that's desperate for customers are willing to take as many devices at any cost that Android manufacturers want to put out there. Verizon on the other hand needs to control everything and therefore it becomes limited in the number of handsets available at the same time. They get a lot of bloated handsets with watered down specs.
  • But t-mobile's network is horrendous. I can understand switching from vzw to sprint but t-mo??? Hell no... just mho.
  • I don't have it, but a friend does. And it is horrendous, but for people that spend their lives in big cities, you wouldn't really notice a difference, they have those covered, with super fast "4g" in most cases.
  • Word! Here in Miami the T-Mobile coverage is ok, but when im in NYC; 4 bars all day and night :) My gf and her Evo on Sprint had bad reception. People bashing T-Mobile and their covereg or lack of it is purely subjective and a case by case variable outcome. Now I wish Miami had NYC coverage ;) im dreaming I know.
  • My Evo 4g has 5to6 bars every day reception is crazy kool here in NYC and I won't get into the 4g coverage because I am at a consistent 5 to 9 up and 3 to 6 down which is perfect for me. Coverage in most of the big cities are great on both sprint and tmobile and if you have a sensation or evo 3d for the summer of 2011 that means you will HAVE THE BEST DEVICES ON THE MARKET THAT WILL RECIEVE PROPER UPDATES FIRST AND FOR MOST...
  • how is it horrendous? I get 7.68 mps down and 1.56 up in NJ on my mytouch 4g, tmo al the way, and they also have great phones, and are not anti-stock like verizon
  • Well so far Im with Tmo and have great coverage, with sprint I get like no 4G service anywhere and their coverage is lacking so Ill stick to what works for me.
  • I assume the 4g version of the evo 3d will come by fall... to verizon... ill wait till then...
  • I hope so, but knowing vzw it will probably be closer to a year. See: Thunderbolt, VZW's EVO4G
  • Assume all you want... but you are probably wrong...
  • it'll have 58 preloaded apps too, a la the Inc2
  • Yea keep dreaming, I agree with modplan, you guys are going to have to wait a year for something like this. You will have all your motorola though. I think the other carriers may have some agreement with htc, mostly Tmo and sprint since they usually get the latest in HTC products. Verizon is still releasing 1ghz phones from Htc(Droid incredible 2) and have not indicated any plans of releasing a dual core.
  • Trust me....There will be no EVO 3D ON VERIZON BY THE FALL....The best device they will have coming will be the Motorola Bionic after who knows. Verizon is OUTDATED AND SEVERELY OVERPRICED FOR ALL THERE 2010 SPECED PHONES...THEY SHOULD JUST CLOSE DOWN VERIZON THEY SWEAR THEY ARE AT&T
  • Verizon introduces a new phone every day but it's the same thing over and over. That's why I like Sprint and T-mo. Not to mention, Verizon has the dumbest commercials ever!
  • The biggest question is.. Bootloader unlocked?
  • i have to say that the sensation is the best on dissaing and htc sense, but is really disappointing how the dual qualcom core is so slow and lag compared with tagra 2 core on the g2x and the exinos on the sgs2.
  • Don't fool yourself the Gx2 is no Htc sensation and the Gx2 definately is not no Evo 3d neither is the Galaxy S2 for that matter. People need to get off the Samsung bandwagon cause all they focus on is the next device they COULD CARE LESS ABOUT DEVICE ALREADY MADE...HTC PIMP SLAPS SAMSUNG.....
  • Dude just shut up every website I go to i see u bashing.on Verizon maybe u can't afford it but I.can unlimited talk and text 70 bucks unlimited 3g 4g data 30 bucks I pay 110 a month less then my friend on T-Mobile who pays like 130 for the same thing as for saying their phones r expensive buy it at full retail on Verizon my thunderbolt was like 450 bucks after and its a damn good phone because it makes phone calls and I can browse the internet on it when I don't have my laptop so who care if it ain't dual.core or.have a bass screen the phone works and it gets the something done as your EVO...ok rant over ill be the first one to say yes up love the specs on this phone yes but do I need them no and T-Mobile in my area isn't that good and I'm.happy on Verizon but I don't need those specs on...... And before u say my spelling and grammar r.off its 6 in he morning and I'm tired and I wanted to make this short
  • There is no mainstream plan with verizon that offers unlimited talk and text for $70. If you do have that plan then its a special plan. Verizon plans start at $40 for 450minutes and no text or data. After you add data and unlimited text it jumps up to $90, $30 for data and $20 for text. So you might have this $90 unlimited plan for yourself but 90% of verizon customers dont so you can't compare that. I am with sprint and I love sprint but tmobile does have some plans that are lower than sprints and definetely verizons. Also, in all the major cities that verizon has 3g tmobile has 4g. Right now tmobile has the biggest 4g footprint something I wish my sprint had and I know lte still isn't that big.
    Plus you might have data on your plan but tmobile offers true unlimited data unlike verizon which will cap it at 5gb. Only difference between data on tmobile and sprint is tmobile on some plans will throttle after 2gb. At this point verizon has nothing on tmobile or sprint when it comes to plans. You need to do a little more research before opening your mouth.
  • nicely worded. and if homeboy wants to talk about cheap plans and how he pays so much less, im on a family plan with tmo, and for two lines, 700min(i couldnt go thru 350min a month if u paid me) unlimited text, unlimited 3g/4g data i pay $95/mo. in las vegas, one of the pioneer cities of tmo hspa. gotta love that "i work for the state of nevada" discount!
  • well if you are like me i switched the 79.99 to 89.99 and get 5gb then throttle instead of the 2gb, well anyhow well worded.
  • Tmobile customers should line up for this device when it is released. This will be the best device on tmobile for the remainder of 2011. I commend tmobile for all they have done they have the Nexsus , Gx2, Sensation, Samsung 4g, Very very nice devices Verizon can only wish they were in the same ballpark. Even At&t BUMPS VERIZON out of the box...
  • I'll be picking this up on release day. The only thing I can think of that will be the downfall of this device is battery life. I know some of the recent previews and hands-on say it has good life but obviously it's different for everyone in real world use. HTC hasn't had a history of having very good battery life. So hopefully with new hardware and a higher capacity battery it will be good.
  • I think battery life will probably be the same as the evo4g. It may be better as the capacit is higher. But only way to get better battery life is for technology of batteries to change.
  • Since the Evo 3D has a significantly larger battery than the Sensation, I don't think your expectations are reasonable...
  • After using the Sensation for 10 days I find there's little difference in the battery life between it and my Desire. The only downside has been system crashes - I have had five in the 10 days. This is probably the downside of being a first adopter!
  • Thats weird. I hope its different on the evo3d. When I got the evo when it was first released I didn't have a crash for almost 2 months. The only thing that caused the crash was a stupid program that I stopped using anyway. HTC usually makes great phones. Hopefully updates will fix that or its some program that caused your crashes and not the phone.
  • I went to a Walmart in Houston and they had it today June 8th but the $148.88 price is available ONLY if your 2 year contract is up. My contract is not up until Sept so no dice.. close but no cigar. The TMOBILE stores around my house are CLUELESS they gave me a June 18th date and one TMOBILE store even said they would not get for A MONTH. WHY?!?!? TMOBILE FAIL.
  • Which Walmart did you go to in Houston? Thanks!