T-Mobile MyTouch and MyTouch Q update offers Carrier IQ opt out

The T-Mobile MyTouch and MyTouch Q (actually made by Huawei) are receiving an OTA update today -- to software version C85B839SP03. Although the phones will stay on Android 2.3.6 for now, there are a few good things in this one. First and foremost, the update allows users to opt out of the Carrier IQ tracking software that is preloaded on the devices. There's a lot of FUD out there about Carrier IQ, but regardless it's good to see that a carrier is letting people have the option to toggle that data collection off. Also in this update is a camera fix, allowing the phones cameras to now realize a full 5MP resolution for photos. Of course as we'd expect, there are a few other random bug fixes involved in the update as well.

You can find more information about the update in the T-Mobile Support articles at the source links below.

Source: T-Mobile Support (MyTouch (opens in new tab), MyTouch Q (opens in new tab))

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  • WTF, why is carrier IQ even being put onto these devices still and why did there need to be an update to opt out?
  • They might as well offer an opt-out, because there is a bill in Congress to do just that. Look for the bill to be tabled until after the election, then deep sixed http://mobile.theverge.com/2012/1/30/2758857/cellphone-privacy-bill-mobi...