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T-Mobile and Google investigating the spotty 3G coverage of the Nexus One

It seems as if the Google Nexus One is having some difficulty staying connected to T-Mobile's 3G band. A countless number of new Nexus One owners are flooding Google's support forums complaining that their new device bounces back and forth from Edge to 3G on a consistant basis where their old 3G device did not show the same behavior. We've looked into this a bit further and found that T-Mobile along with Google are looking into the problem.

"Google and T-Mobile are investigating this issue and hope to have more information for you soon. We understand your concern and appreciate your patience."

The big question remains, is this a T-Mobile network issue or a software/hardware issue? Possibly a little bit of both but we are leaning towards the latter.

We are curious to see how many of our readers are suffering from the same issue. Let us know in the comments below or directly in our forums

  • Poor service on T-mobile?!? I am sure this is unheard of. Perhaps not Google's fault.
  • so what if its hardware? does everyone get a new nexus one? (no i dont have one)
  • Reason #1 I am still with Verizon. Nexus one looks awesome.. Yeah I am a little jealous, but LOVE my Droid and Verizon coverage...
  • It's the Nexus One. I'm testing out a device and noticed the same issue, yet my Bold2 9700 on TMO has no problem staying connected to the 3G service in the same location. Hopefully it's not a HW issue and Google can correct it with a SW update.
  • I had T Mobile for 4 years, never had a problem so lets stop the ignorance. I am now with Verizon because I wanted the Storm 2 -- had the Storm 1 unlocked for T Mobile. Listen newbies, its def a firmware/software issue -- which in turn controls the hardware. Its BRAND NEW Phone running Android Eclair which is also new. Of course there are going to be quirks. There will either be a OTA firmware update or an update using your PC with the phone to update and it will be a ok. Or even perhaps its google who has to send Tmobile a patch. But its def not the Network, to think that is just plain ignorance. :-)
  • Like someone mentioned in another thread about this "issue", turn off wireless roaming, problem solved
  • Link?
    I would like to see if that's actually rectifying the situation for other users.
  • I LOVE this phone !!! It is the long awaited answer to the Iphone, and right out of the box it is just that !!! The iPhone had TONS of issues when it was first released , the phone is leaps and bounds ahead of it comparitivley speaking . Its only going to get much better as the updates start rolling out . As for T-Mobiles coverage , where I live everyone suffers , even the mighty Verizon cant get a signal at my house . I left Sprint and the HTC Hero for this phone . Even with this signal issue Sprint provided me with the Airave device which solved all issues in my home . Does anyone know if T-Mobile offers such a device/signal booster , or know of the best place to buy one ??
  • As far as the Airave device, that is a Sprint only product. T-Mobile does offer wi-fi calling but the phone has to be capable of using the wi-fi for voice calls. My understanding is at this time no Android phone on T-Mobile has the capability. The BlackBerry phones and several "dumb phones" and some Windows Mobile phones have the capability. I have the same problem at my home because it is near an Air Force Base and another small Airport here in Arizona. I had to go with a BlackBerry instead of my G1 for that reason. You can check out some signal boosters: I have not tried them but am considering it. I just don't know if I am going to be living in this house much longer so I am waiting to see.
  • I have this problem all the time. Its really annoying when I'm tethering.
  • I'm having this issue. Don't have an old smart phone to compare to.
  • The Nexus One is the first T-Mobile device I've had and I'm experiencing the 3G -> No Service -> EDGE -> No Service -> Repeat ...constantly. I'm about to return/cancel the service because I have excellent Verizon and ATT service in the same locations. It seems that as soon as I go more than 20 feet inside a building here in NYC, it starts acting up. The Nexus One is otherwise a great first generation/rev 1 software device.
  • Thus is exactly the type of situation I envisioned when I heard that Google would be selling a phone directly to customers. There is no single party the customers can go to and expect a solution. They may very well get a solution - and I expect they will - but it's a frustrating position to be in as a customer. At this very moment there are hoards of iPhone users laughing their AS#$% off.
  • Congrats that's what google gets for choosing 4th carrier in america not att and verizon till spring
  • I dont know why ppl have problems,i dont,im in north jersey and use to have a G1 ,got my N1 jan.6 have no problems N1 is much faster im getting on speedtest app 1089Mbps down.and 681 up.,i was in Brooklyn today tested on speedtest down. was1940Mbps and up. was 1297Mbps(outside,did not try inside building) and on 3G.I dont have any problems with 3G.I did call on jan.7 to t-mobile and switch from G1 data plan($24.99) to android data($24.99).
  • REALLY!!! You get over a GIGABIT (and even close to TWO) PER SECOND!!! Oh, you must mean you get that many KILOBITS per second.. Was gonna say that it is amazing you get that good of speeds considering it is impossible at this time.
  • I would be shocked if this were an actual hardware issue. HTC has been making phones for a long time. Odd that it made it all the way to producation tho. Just shows how bad QA is in this beta generation of electronics where getting the product out on time outweighs getting it right.
  • FUD There's a reason they're called "early adopters." It's likely a firmware issue that will be fixed within a matter of days. And iPhone fanbois shouldn't throw stones. Not only do they still have problems with AT&T's sh*tty network, there were PLENTY of issues w/ the launch of the iPhone.
  • Misery loves company.
  • i use to have the same problem my g1 would switch between 3g and edge all the time now i got the click and it only does it in certain places
  • I'm seeing the problem in the Boston area. Expecting we'll see a fix shortly. Until then I can live with it for a week or two.
  • I also think the biggest issue is "T-Mobile network coverage". I think Google might able to help them.
  • Obviously some people don't understand troubleshooting. If the first time an issue with 3G coverage surfaced was with Nexus One AND the other devices on the network are not having a problem (myself included), then the problem isn't the network.
  • "T-Mobile and Google investigating the spotty 3G coverage of the Nexus One" is the service of Nexus one limited to T-mobile? I think no. Because I there is an unlocked package that means works with others.
  • For those of you seeing the problem, can you see download speed problems making the problem "real", or just the fluctuation in signal icon?
    I ask because it could be the phone samples more frequently and notices every little signal change. If so, hopefully a parameter can be set or patched fairly easily to keep it from dropping to edge, versus accepting a momentary slowdown of 3G.
  • I've been noticing this Edge 3G switching as well, i just thought it was normal. Glad to hear it's a bug and that it will be fixed soon =D
  • I've had the N1 a few days now in Indianapolis and haven't seemed to notice any problems at all. Strange. If there are any, hope they're resolved soon! My phone has been fast, but for it to be faster wouldn't hurt!
  • Are a lot of people having this problem?
    I've had it since it was released last week and haven't seen any evidence of this issue at all. In fact, I get much better 3G reception on the N1 than I did on the MT3G I was using before this..
  • This seems to be becoming a common theme with HTC. First, the eris, then the Nexus One. I am a fan of HTC, but they really need to figure out why their phones tend to do this. The eris was fixed with a OTA update, as I am sure the Nexus One will be.
  • Hi,
    I have Nexus One, use it on Orange IL (Israel) 3G umts
    we have no problem with 3G!
    Only the problem we have that we don't have Hebrew support on it!
  • Im in los Angeles with a MyTouch same problem. Got the phone a week before release. It had the problem then and it has not changed.
  • Im in Phoenix and the service is similar to the Iphone. My wife and I purchased the phone for dog health reasons check it out
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