Swiftkey releases new smartphone keyboard beta, opens up VIP access for the day

The folks at Swiftkey just released a new beta keyboard this morning, with the following improvements:

  • Redesigned installer process
  • Redesigned settings menu
  • SwiftKey shortcut launcher on keyboard
  • New typing styles: Precise (identical to Classic), Rapid (similar to Rapidfire)
  • (Note: you can reproduce "Manual" with "Space will always insert a space" in advanced)
  • Text handling improvements (fixed doubledouble bug, etc. + general stability improvements)
  • Improved dark theme

Not in on Swiftkey's VIP program, where you can get the latest releases before everybody else? Not to worry, as they've opened up access for everybody today. Just hit the link below and use promo code #swiftkeyFRIDAY. Again, that's for use today only, so get it done.

Source: Swiftkey; More: Swiftkey VIP access

  • Thanks for the post. Just signed up and downloaded. If for nothing else, can't wait to see what the dark theme is all about! :D
  • Thanks... downloaded and setup... I'll have to try it out... great find!!!
  • I signed up in anticipation of AT&T pulling its head out of its ass.
  • Jump on this, I use every iteration of the Beta and it is the best keyboard for any phone. The new Beta has a black and green skin and awesome rapidfire mode. Use this code: #swiftkeyFRIDAY
  • Where are you seeing black and green skins? I'm still getting the same old beta "dark" and "light".
  • Where are you seeing black and green skins? I'm still getting the same old beta "dark" and "light".
  • Select Dark, and you will see it has green accents. Its no big deal.
    If you don't see this, then select the stock keyboard that came with your phone, then re-select the Swiftkey Beta. I still prefer the light as as the keys are better defined.
  • I agree. I'm still going to give the dark a try.
  • Swiftkey for me is the best. The way it predicts can be scary at times how accurate it is.
  • Loving it!
  • Swiftkey is a very nice KB, but honestly, I am really loving the Sense 3.0 KB. It's very well spaced and intuitive. I wish GB came stock with Sense KB
  • Download and install... Sweetness!
  • this keyboard just keeps getting better and better .. just need a better dark theme
  • I've tried several keyboards, swype, slideit, flext9, swift key. I have to say the best keyboard is flext9. It has the best predictive text and supports different styles of text entry like swyping, handwriting, voice, and regular typing. swift key predictive text is only good if you repetitively type the same phrases, which is good if that is what one is typing, but it slows one down if that is not the cases.
  • I totally agree about FlexT9. I got it for free when it was the Amazon Free App of the day a while back. Very nice keyboard. I love being able to swipe & tap all from the same keyboard on the fly.
  • +1 on the FlexT9 being the best keyboard IMO.
  • You mean slows "you" down? It doesn't slow me down at all, actually makes me faster. And you don't have to type the same phrases. It has long words and emails I type a lot saved and if I type the first two letter of an 8 character word and it has already predicted it I hit space and move on to the next word.
  • Okay I'm confused, you just agreed with what I said but did so very antagonistic way. First of Swiftkey is a good keyboard, it's better than SlideIt and stock Android, but it is not as good as FlexT9. Getting to you're example Swiftkey only gives 3 predicted words. For you to only type two words on an 8 letter word there can only be 3 combinations for the correct predicted text to show up and even then it has a 1:3 chance of being right or you have to use that word/phrase heavily, which goes back to the point I made. BTW with FlexT9 you don't have to "Trace" a word, you can type just like in Swiftkey and predicted text will start showing up.
    For nouns swiftkey is very good at predicting text, but for adjectives and verbs the three choice is just not good enough. FlexT9 gives you as many choices that will fit. Also FlexT9 is faster at updating the predicted text.
  • Your explanation shows a deep misunderstanding of what swiftkey does. Its not a word predictor. Its a language predictor. All other keyboards simply cough up plausible words based on your initial input. Swiftkey suggests words that make sense in the sentence you are typing. Which is why 3 predictions is usual plenty. If you type "what time is the ", you will see suggestions that make sense even before you start typing the next word. It might suggest "game meeting show", and chances are it will have the one you use most often centered in bold. You tap meeting, and it predicts the next entire word. If none of those were correct, and you type the letter "F" it will probably predict Flight, and a couple others. Point is, it won't suggest "for" or "fine" or "found" because they either make no sense or they don't fit the pattern of your writing. The more you use it the smarter it becomes. Three predictions is not a limitation. And the chances of the right word being in there are way way higher than one in 3. I just don't believe you've ever given it a fair chance, because you still show a deep misunderstanding of what it does.
  • I understand the tool just fine android central has covered the keyboard numerous times. Their reviews of the language predictions is why I bought the application. I've used the keyboard exclusively for two weeks and like it, but a few days ago amazon gave away the FlexT9 keyboard. All it took was all of one day for me to think Flext9 was far better. ps I always give a minimum of one week for any technology because there is always a learning curve.
  • My main issue with FlexT9 is that it doesn't insert a space if you select a word from the prediction bar. For me that's a dealbreaker. I got it for free from Amazon and I'll keep it installed. I'm interested to see if they fix that as there seems to be no applicable setting to make it work that way.
  • I just downloaded and installed the beta and I love it. The best keyboard out there just got better. I just with the "dark" theme was a little darker to match the look of Gingerbread/CM7.
  • I just created a poll in their forums, but I think the voice key and the swiftkey options should be switched in the keyboard layout. So the voice key is the short press and the options are the long press. OR some sort of option. otherwise, the keyboard is awesome. I am very glad they added the cursor arrow support. It's hard to move that sucker around sometimes without those.
  • scratch that, got it figured out LOL
  • Thanks for the tip AC! Downloaded and played with a bit. #1 issue for me resolved (can now space bar insert as many blanks as I like). And the dark theme is esthetically pleasing. Early impression is that app performance has improved.
  • I've been a member of SwiftKey Beta for a few months now. I must admit that this keyboard is by far the best one out. No questions asked. It's replaced Swype and FlexT9 without any problems.
  • FYI..the beta version will expire on 8-14-11.
  • I did the beta for the original SwiftKey (the headline here should indicate this is SwiftKey 2) and that entitled me to buy it for only a dollar when it went final retail. Is this (SK2) going to be a separate app to purchase or an update? It says to uninstall prior betas, but can I leave my existing SK install on?
  • I purchased SK original too. I installed the beta and both are on my phone now. They work independently of each other.
  • I purchased SK original too. I installed the beta and both are on my phone now. They work independently of each other.
  • Beta didn't quite work well with 3PA, like Whatsapp. Typed one word, would appear several times until character limit maxed out, froze the keyboard on the screen. Needed to reboot via battery pull, wouldn't force close keyboard. Uninstalled. -- Samsung Captivate
  • vip invites are closed now
  • Do I have to register to get this program? Where do I use the "#swiftkeyFRIDAY" Code?
  • 1.) Yes, you have to register to get to the download link. 2.) Go to the sign-up screen to register & you will see where to put in the code.
  • I've tried just about every keyboard possible and this one still ranks as the best. I think the only part that slows me down is sometimes I stop and watch how many letters it take for it to predict a word simply because I am impressed at how accurate it can be.
  • Absolutely lights out awesome. Might try FlexT9 though.
  • What new Swiftkey users need to know is that swiftkey either has to spend a few days learning your typing pattern or you have to train it with lots of quality text. They would really like to train from your Gmail, because most people still take a little care about what they say in an email. Failing that it wants to learn from your Facebook or twitter postings. The problem is that swiftkey asks for your password, logs into your account and harvests all your sent mail, updates, or tweets, grinds thru them on THEIR servers, and sends a prediction database to your phone. What could Possibly go wrong with that!!! (Hello, Sony?). If you simply decline all three of those choices, and press the "Done" button rather than giving it any passwords, it will learn from your usage, and the predictions will be less accurate and more generalized at first, but will improve over the course of a week. So ye sow, so shall ye reap. If you use text-speek in your day to day postings, email, etc, then that same keyboard trash will find its way into their suggestions. The point is Swiftkey predicts YOUR LANGUAGE, not simply words. Post here often enough and it will predict "Central" as soon as you finish entering "Android", and even Android will be suggested as soon as you type "A".
  • I've been using Swiftkey for a long time now and it has been the best keyboard for me. Grabbed the Beta this morning and it's a good improvement to an already great app.
  • Bought Swiftkey and wasn't happy. Use Smart Keyboard Pro. Much better for me.
  • Installed it from my phones browser and opened it once it got downloaded and gave me a warning about it being from an untrusted site and only applications from a trusted source can be installed? How do I get around that?
  • Is there an app that will let me finger roll where I want the cursor to go???? An iPhone can do it, why can't my DROID?