Surface Duo Stadia And XcloudSource: u/kxxstarr

What you need to know

  • Surface Duo can work as a crazy, somewhat-impractical, cloud gaming co-op machine.
  • A Reddit user showed off his Duo running both Xbox Cloud Gaming and Google Stadia running on a Duo at the same time.
  • Both can be played at the same time, opening up some interesting co-op possibilities.

Microsoft has been pretty clear that the new Surface Duo is very much aimed at boosting your productivity, but no one said it can't up your co-op game, too. In a setup that looks truly ridiculous (and very awesome), Reddit user kxxstarr showed off their Surface Duo running both Xbox Cloud Gaming (née xCloud) and Google's Stadia game streaming at the same time. The result is what could be the most amusing co-op setup ever.

The photo posted to reddit shows xCloud running the Halo Master Chief Collection on the top screen while Stadia is running Destiny 2 below. As kxxstarr notes, because the Xbox controller works over Bluetooth and the Stadia controller works over Wi-Fi, you can open both, then tap the Xbox screen to make it the focus and play both at the same time. Just say goodnight to your battery.

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Look, this certainly isn't something that's going to be a "system seller" for Surface Duo. But while it may be super niche, it's incredibly cool nonetheless.

After months of beta testing, Xbox Cloud Gaming is set to officially launch on September 15 and it'll be available as part of every Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be adding this to the list of reasons I need a Surface Duo.

Double the fun

Microsoft Surface Duo

Microsoft Surface Duo

Two screens are better than one

Microsoft delves into the future of foldables with an ambitious dual-screen device, featuring two ultra-thin 5.6-inch AMOLED displays bound by a 360-degree hinge. This pocketable inking-enabled Android smartphone marks the latest in the Surface lineup, geared for mobile productivity.

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