Starwood releases Google Glass app that lets you find and book hotel rooms

If you just picked up Google Glass from the one-day sale yesterday and you’re planning a vacation, you’re in luck (and not just because you’re going somewhere sunny with a shiny new gadget). Starwood Hotels has announced that they’ve got a beta app ready to go to book your room. The app offers calling, reservations, GPS directions, and photos, though it’s still in beta, and is likely to add more features over time. For those without Glass, Starwood also has an app for Android handsets and tablets as well.

The Google Glass app ecosystem is still burgeoning, but it’s great to see big players like Starwood getting behind the platform. Keep an eye out for it in the next Glass Store update. We have any Glass Explorers in the house? What are your favorite apps so far?

Via: 9to5Google

Simon Sage
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