Square Enix showing off Final Fantasy Dimensions and other titles for Android at Gamescom

Square Enix is bringing the big guns of late when it comes to Android. In recent weeks we've seen the release of the mighty Final Fantasy III, and the original Final Fantasy that sneaked out just last week. It doesn't stop there though, as the prominent game developer is headed to Gamescom, in Germany, to show off their next Final Fantasy title for Android, Final Fantasy Dimensions. 

While Dimensions will undoubtedly be the main attraction, Square Enix will also show off a number of future Android titles. There will be a couple of matching, strategy based games called Qwirkle and Motley Blocks, KooZac which is described as a mix of Tetris and Sudoku, and their own brain training game known as Mensa Academy will be out for testing. It's fantastic news for Android as a gaming platform, to see big name developers such as Square Enix getting on board. 

via DroidGamers

  • What about chrono trigger????
  • Patience, Grasshopper
  • Still way overrated
  • Damn straight it is
  • Can't they please optimize for 16:9 screens? Or even if that's too much to ask, give me the option to stretch the image and get rid of those black bars?
  • What game is that in the picture? Final Fantasy III?
  • its a picture of final fantasy dimensions
  • They need to bring Final Fantasy Tactics like they did on iOS.... actually better than they did on iOS, with smoother animations, higher rez, and multiplayer! But I doubt SquareEnix will do it...
  • I'm still waiting for ff7 remake :( probably never going to happen but I want it.
  • Or at least a straight-over port of FF7, without having to go the ps1 emulator route.