Square announces free stock trading on Cash App and you can start with just $1

What you need to know

  • Square has announced free stock trading on its Cash App for iOS and Android.
  • Users will be able to buy shares, or fractions of shares for as little as $1
  • Cash App will be the first platform to support both free trading and fractional share buying.

Square has announced it is bringing free stock trading to Cash App, allowing users to buy and sell shares, or fractions of shares.

Announced on Twitter yesterday, Cash App said:

You don't need to buy an entire share to make your first investment. With Cash App, you can own a piece of hundreds of different stocks, including the most expensive stock on the market, Berkshire Hathaway Class A, which regularly trades above $300,000 per share.

The feature had been rumored earlier this year, and as The Verge notes this feature will sit alongside the ability to trade Bitcoin on the app. According to their report, a spokesperson says that investing on Cash App should be rolling out to all customers in the coming weeks. Cash App is the first app that allows users to both trade stocks without paying fees, and to buy and sell fractions of shares.

Cash App is available to download free on the Google Play

Stephen Warwick