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Sprint saying sayonara to several Android smartphones

Parting is such sweet sorrow, but with constant onslaught of new Android devices, older models must make way for their newer, shinier counterparts. The good people over at SprintFeed got a peek at Sprint's list of end-of-life devices, all of which will gradually be phased out over the coming weeks and months. The list includes the beloved EVO 4G (the white version will be phased out in September, the black version in October), the Samsung Transform and Epic 4G (both bidding adieu in October), and the Motorola i1 (scheduled for late July/early August.) You've been faithful devices, and you'll all be missed. At least until something bigger and better is released.

Source: SprintFeed

  • Aw EVO 4g, how you changed my life and the Android world.
  • I love my EVO 4G!!! I just hope they come out with an update to fix the update of the Gingerbread update before they give it the ax. (Yes I typed it out right...)
  • There already is one, its called Cyanogen. Root your phone and be free!
  • I was thinking about it up to the point that they said the GB was coming out for it. So I held off. Last I knew since GB, root was not possible, but things may have changed and I just don't know it.
  • you can't root if you updated to gingerbread, which sucks because I didn't know that when I updated
  • No on Cyanogen! I had it and didnt really like it. Most people get a sense phone because they like sense. has sweet evo roms that are sense 2.1+3.0!
  • I hate to disagree, but most people get a sense phone because that's what their carrier has. YOU like Sense. A lot of people don't, or couldn't really care less. I'd get an EVO in a heartbeat, but I'm absolutely indifferent to any skins from any manufacturer. I'll have it customized over to what I want ASAP. And sense ain't it. (I have an Epic, but pretty much my entire family has the EVO... so I nkow sense quite well as I'm the defacto android phone person)
  • EVO 4G lasting longer than most phones
  • Surprised the Evo is getting the axe so's still a better phone than half of the crap in the Sprint stores!
  • The EVO 4G is a great phone that lasted really long for any electronic device by today's standards. I absolutely love mine but I think I'm ready to upgrade.
  • "Time Marches On......"
  • The E4G was a breakthrough phone for both Android and Sprint. It may be EOL, but will be remembered long after that.
  • It will only be a year in September for the Epic....dang. This phone has been pretty good to me.
  • Yet somehow the "Sanyo" Zio is not at EOL?!?? That thing is the biggest piece of crap Android phone there is. KILL IT!
  • Sprint might be saying sayonara to the Evo 4G, but I'm surely keeping mine for a while. I love it and it has stood the test of time and is still top notch in my book...
  • Technology hurts sometimes. I love my 3D though. Came from a G2 which was dying in the tech world as world. Damn.
  • I used to have the Transform... that lasted about 4 months. Glad to see it go.
  • So no more updates for the evo after the eol?
  • not necessarily. for example - Droid 1 still gets updates.
  • That's true
  • i love my EVO 4G. hopefully we will see a 4.5"+ display HTC with ice cream sammmmmmich on Sprint before/around Thanksgiving.
  • I find it insane the EVO is reaching EOL. It's only a year old! Yeah, tech moves fast, but are there really THAT many people swapping phones every single year or sooner? Seems insane =/
  • I will probably keep my Evo 4G until it flat out breaks and I HAVE to get a new phone. This thing is a workhorse!
  • I need to take my EVO 4G in for a replacement. I'm not getting calls most of the time and now the Bluetooth thinks its connected out of the car (meaning no audio unless I turn BT off) and it doesn't connect with my Sync most of the time. It was a launch day pickup, so perhaps a refurb with later guts will be better.
  • IMO try a factory reset and manual restore first.
  • I enjoy the fact that Sprint will be "end-of-life"ing the Epic, just about the time as Verizon is rumored to get their version of it. Way to fail Verizon... should have picked up the keyboarded SGS2 like AT&T did.
  • Dude the Fascinate is Verizon's version of the Epic. If you're talking about a horizontal QWERTY slider with a single-core CPU, then I agree - they should have held out for the SGS2.
  • All 4 carriers have their own Galaxy S phone and all 4 phones from a hardware standpoint are exactly identical save the Epic which has a physical keyboard. All have the same 1GHz single core CPU (and same GPU). All have the same 512MB ram. The same 5megapixel rear camera and vga front camera. It's fine to be disappointed in not having a keyboard but your comment is misleading.
  • Since when does the fascinate have a front facing camera? I had one from dec-jun and it didn't have a front facing camera.
  • Verizon's Fascinate has no front facing camera or indicator light for charging or missed calls, etc.
  • The Fascinate/Mesmerize does not have a front-facing camera. It also doesn't have a notification light.
  • So what will happen after October if I lose or get my Evo (white) stolen and I have insurance?
  • Nothing any different than now. If you have TEP or pay out of pocket to have it fixed/replaced it will be replaced with a refurb. They will have piles and piles of refurbs laying around for quite a while. Sprint just replaced my old 8330 Blackberry which has been off the charts for a good yr or so now with a refurb back 3 mths ago.
  • Droid 1 still gets updates? Since when?
  • While I understand that the Evo 4G has been out for over a year it still blows away the majority of their other phones, so axing it isn't really in their best interest. But then, I assume this is really HTC's call, not Sprint's. Unfortunate.
  • wait they are getting rid of all the blackberrys we have lol... does this tell you something people so between now and September we might be getting a refresh of blackberrys sounds good.
  • why isnt the abomination that is the kyocera echo on this list
  • Just in time for the EVO 4G+. Basically the exact same phone w/out the 3d. I don't need 3D. I do need 1.2G dual core processor and an 8mp camera though! My Evo still kills everything out there, especially the iPhone.
  • This was my thought as well. If Sprint is discontinuing the EVO 4G in October, I'm betting we'll see the 4G+ or Hero+ or whatever they're calling it come out about that time.
  • There are still people refusing to buy the EVO 3D because they don't like 3D? Well that's kind of insane. Good luck waiting on an EVO 4G+ on Sprint...
  • I'm eligible for an upgrade as a Premier customer. The usb charging port has broken off the motherboard of my EVO (known issue w/ HTC and Sprint)yet I continue the battle to replace under warranty and NOT TEP. That said, I've played with the EVO 3D, and's a great device, I'm just thinking the 3D is a bit "half baked" and "gimmicky". I mean it's cool...and nice eye candy but I don't see a ton of 3d content coming soon. I would just like the specs of the 3D w/out the 3D. Sell me on it. I'm all ears. :)
  • Simply don't use the 3D feature. GB 2.33 and Sense 3.0 on the most powerful hardware are amazing. And I'm sure the hardware will support all the features of ICS when released. Plus you have DLNA / media share and a higher resolution screen.
  • Is it really Sprint, or is it the manufacturer who determines EOL? I think it's the manufacturer.
  • The EVO name will live on.
  • Sad to see the Evo 4G reach EOL. It was my first Android phone, and changed the world of cell phones for me forever. It let me hack it to pieces, using everything from CM to Sense 3.0 ROMS. Even though I recently traded mine in for the Evo 3D, the 4G will always have a special place in my heart. RIP Evo were a true landscape changer.
  • I want the The Name of the Next EVO , to be Called the Delorian!!!! Great Scott #:@!!!!! I still have the Same EVO 4g I got the Second day it was out , even though I dropped it like 50times! It's still good ! I Juz don't want to be like Them folks in the Commercial , ........... (" I Juz got this one") lol
  • I'll keep using my evo until ics comes out.
  • This was my first android phone. This is the phone that changed the game forever. The EVO single handedly put Sprint back on the map. It's 2011. The fact that its still considered one of the top smartphones till this day shows how much an impact it made. It made every other carrier play catch-up. It's been an awesome ride for the EVO. I'm holding on to this phone until I see an upgrade truly worthy to carry the torch.
  • I know this isn't cool on tech websites, but the i1 was a great nextel phone, and actually worked unlike the blackberry curve that froze up after every ptt conversation.
  • Got my EVO on launch day, sad to see it go...but I'm planning on keeping mine till it dies. Just picked up the extended battery and couldn't be happier.
  • This is rediculous. How do you justify eol for a device that isn't a year old and expecg a customer to buy another one ? I'm going back to the old flip phone. With the tablet, i really don't need a smart phone anymore anyhow.
  • Agreed. The fact that carriers push 2 year contracts and yet refuse to fully support the handsets for 2 years irked me to no end. As far as I am concerned, for the price people pay while under contract (between $50 and $100/mo, or even more!), they should have free access to whatever the latest and greatest phone (of their choice) is, right up until the last day of the contract. I got sick of the shenanigans and went to prepaid. With some hacking (but no actual ESN changing!), I got a Sprint Epic 4G onto Boost Mobile. 10 cents per minute for phone calls (which I barely use), free texts in/out through Google Voice, 10 cents per MMS sent/received (again, barely used), and UNLIMITED data for 35 cents per day! 2 and 3G only, 4G doesn't work, but who cares? It barely worked on contract! Also, no roaming on other CDMA signals if the Sprint signal isn't available, except for 911 calls. For me, that isn't an issue. How did I do this? Go to XDA and search the Epic 4G android dev forum. The thread should be on the first or second page. Enjoy!
  • It amazes me that Sprint is EOLing these phones yet the still selling them for full retail. There's not an Android phone on this list that is under $99.98 out the door.
    Epic 4G is 149.99
    Evo is 99.99
    Motorolla i1 is 149.99
    Samsung Transform is 99.99 (49.99 after mail in rebate)
    Hell the 9650 is still a $200 phone.
    Either something is crappy, outdated, old and busted..or Still the new hotness that demands a premium price..You can't have it both ways.
  • My husband's best friend's dad is an executive vp at sprint. He sure didnt tell us that they were nixing the E4G. I'm totally pissed. Especially since my 1st one broke and I had to wait FOREVER to get the new one w/ gingerbread rooted. I might have to convince him to visit good ole dad to see what he can find out for us.