Spigen Thin Fit case for Pixel 2 XL review: Basic protection with some flaws

Android Central Verdict

Price: $11.99Bottom line: While this is a great basic case, there are some issues that keep me from universally recommending it.


  • +

    Easy to get the phone in and out

  • +

    Doesn't add any real bulk

  • +

    Precise cutouts for the camera and fingerprint sensors

  • +

    Features a slot for Spigen's magnetic car mounts


  • -

    Doesn't offer much grip or protection

  • -

    The front edges are sharp enough to dig into your thighs or hands

  • -

    Only one color option

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Spigen is known for making plenty of phone accessories, from Style Rings to screen protectors (opens in new tab) and even headphones (opens in new tab). But Spigen is most famous for offering a variety of cases for nearly every phone out there, from ultra rugged cases down to the simpler Thin Fit series. There are lots of great cases for the Pixel 2 XL, but Spigen's Thin Fit may be the right choice for you.

I — Tom Westrick — have been using the Thin Fit case with my Pixel 2 XL since July 3rd. Spigen provided the case for this review.

Feels like I'm wearing nothing at all. Nothing at all. Nothing at all...

Spigen Thin Fit for Pixel 2 XL What I like

I dislike using cases 24/7 because most cases make my phone too bulky. Not so with the Thin Fit: it adds just a hair of thickness meaning my pockets don't feel any more weighed down than normal. The case is a simple piece of black plastic: it snaps onto the phone with ease. If I do need to remove the phone for any reason, that's just as easy.

Since this is such a thin case, there's really nothing blocking the top microphone or the USB-C port. If you have trouble getting some of your charging cables to fit with other cases on, this may be the best choice for you. The case isn't nearly thick enough to interfere with photos and videos taken on the rear camera, and my fingerprint reads just as well as it does when the phone is naked.

While I don't own one of Spigen's magnetic car mounts (opens in new tab), this case features a spot for the magnet to stick to. And while I prefer buttons that are replicated on the case itself, the cutouts for the power and volume buttons are generous enough that it doesn't bother me.

A bit too pointy

Spigen Thin Fit for Pixel 2 XL What I Don't Like

My main complaint with this case comes down to the finish of the front of the case: there's an ever-so-slight lip to protect the glass if you place the phone face-down, and — at least on the case I received — this lip is sharp enough for me to notice it digging into my thighs or my hands. It isn't something I've even thought about with other cases, which should tell you how pronounced it is on this sample.

The finish on the case is also a bit too smooth for my liking; I felt like I had less grip on the phone in this case than I did when the phone was uncovered. Finally, while I myself would buy a black case anyway, it'd be great for Spigen to offer more colors for those that want more variety.

Not perfect, but...

Spigen Thin Fit for Pixel 2 XL: Should you buy this?

Maybe. I wouldn't buy it myself, because it doesn't offer enough protection or grip to make it worth using to me. But if you want something that will just protect the back glass of your phone and you don't want to deal with a skin, this isn't a bad option. Just don't hesitate to return the case if it's uncomfortable to hold or put in your pocket.

3 out of 5

If you get a sample with a smoother front edge than I did, this case is easier to recommend.

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  • Love this case
  • My go-to case for every phone I have. I'll note though that I had this case for the GS8 and it felt much grippier than the one I have now for my 2XL. Idk what I can attribute that to... I'll also note that it seems to have gotten grippier as I've used it longer now.
  • Okay. I was just about to post about how grippy the S8 thin fit case is.
  • Love this case. Doesn't dig into my leg nor do I feel it has sharp edges. Love that the case is just above the screen to protect it. I also use magnetic mounts so this thing is perfect. I hate covers over my buttons, never understood why someone would want that. Coating is a bit different but has broken in nicely and is grippy.
  • I have the Ultra Fit which might now be the Thin Fit for my Note 8 and had it for the Note 5 too. Excellent case, thin and grippy. No problem at all with this case at all and...very thin!
  • I'm using the ornarto slim case in really blue and love it. It's very similar to the Spigen but comes in lots of colors
  • I love my "MOFI" case from Ali express and eBay. It covers all sides and looks great. Pixel 2XL
  • I had this case for my Nexus 5 and Nexus 5X. It was also my first case on my Pixel 2 XL until the Rhino Shield Crash Guard came out and now I'm using that.
  • Agree with all the pros. The sharp edges and 'lack of grip' have been non issues for me. I wish I could get this in more colors. At the price, you could have a few.