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Speed trap warnings begin rolling out to some Google Maps users

LG V40 Maps
LG V40 Maps (Image credit: Android Central)

Google Maps has gained many helpful features from Waze in the last few years, but this one may be one of the most useful to lead-footed drivers like myself. Last fall, Google Maps rolled out a way to report accidents and other situations drivers may want to avoid, but there was no way to display the speed traps that other users reported, at least until now.

According to a tip sent to Android Police, speed camera warnings are rolling out to some users. The camera icons appear along routes when planning your drive or en route to your location. If you're in driving mode, Google will also give a verbal warning as you approach a reported speed trap, but it's showing up for very few users at the moment.

The rollout — if this is a rollout and not just another phase of user testing — appears to be server-side, so you won't need to spam the update button in Google Play.

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  • Wish they would just include speed limits already...
  • I've had speed limits on the map for months now
  • Heck ya, also agree, add speed limits to maps would be nice
  • Speedometer should be integrated in Google Maps like other Nav apps but Maps Speedometer and Maps Speed Limits apps by Amphebia are awesome overlay apps for Google Maps
  • Google: See that cop up there on the overpass? Would you like to switch to Waze and find out what the speed limit is?
  • If you pay attention to road signs like you're supposed to, you would know what the speed limit is.
  • Uh oh "supposed to" police. Maybe I should video signs and then rewind back while I'm driving if I forget what the last sign said.
  • Speed limit signs used to be mandated at specific intervals along the roadways. Now it's up to traffic engineers to determine the need and number. Speed limit signs are just one more expense for "financially" strapped cities. Besides, speed limit signs "slow down" the revenue enhancement created by traffic tickets. Boo hoo.
  • Speed traps really aren't a problem if you just don't speed in the first place. If I were a cop I would pull people over just for braking upon noticing my presence as that's proof of guilt.
  • That's not proof of guilt at all. What if the person was going the speed limit and braked? They've done nothing wrong, yet they braked. Where is your guilt now?
  • A cops radar can detect one's speed even before the driver is aware of the cop's presence.
  • Glad you are not a cop.
  • How about displaying the speed limit on the screen?
  • So the article says there is a way to report accidents. How? Or is that an iOS only option