Speed trap warnings begin rolling out to some Google Maps users

LG V40 Maps
LG V40 Maps (Image credit: Android Central)

Google Maps has gained many helpful features from Waze in the last few years, but this one may be one of the most useful to lead-footed drivers like myself. Last fall, Google Maps rolled out a way to report accidents and other situations drivers may want to avoid, but there was no way to display the speed traps that other users reported, at least until now.

According to a tip sent to Android Police, speed camera warnings are rolling out to some users. The camera icons appear along routes when planning your drive or en route to your location. If you're in driving mode, Google will also give a verbal warning as you approach a reported speed trap, but it's showing up for very few users at the moment.

The rollout — if this is a rollout and not just another phase of user testing — appears to be server-side, so you won't need to spam the update button in Google Play.

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Ara Wagoner

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