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Source code for Xperia X10 multi-touch update released

You've got to feel for Xperia X10 owners. They spent most of 2010 stuck on Android 1.6, and so far 2011 has brought the news that the device will never get an official update to Android 2.2 Froyo.

Some good news has emerged recently, however, with the publication of some new source code for the X10, X10 Mini and X8 on Sony Ericsson's Developer World site. The code for the unreleased version 2.1.A.0.390, based on Android 2.1, includes an updated multi-touch driver allowing for dual-touch support, according to the resourceful people at xda-developers. This would be a first for the X10 series, as current touchscreen drivers for these phones only support pinch-to-zoom rather than full multi-touch.

Unfortunately, since the X10's bootloader is locked, X10 owners will have to wait for Sony (and possibly their carrier) to approve this update before they can get it on their phones. Despite months of effort, the Android community has not yet succeeded in getting custom firmware loaded onto the X10. [xda-developers]

Alex Dobie
Alex Dobie

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

  • Correct me if im wrong but wasnt this phone just released summer of 2010? if so they already cut off support, thats B.S. my next phone will, will, will not be a Sony
  • It was released in the US in summer 2010 but has been available in Europe for a while before that. I agree that its bullshit, especially the part of their twitter post where they dropped support saying they believe parts of Eclair are better than Froyo. What parts of Eclair are better?
  • I find this Disgusting!!!!! I just purchased an Xperia x10 not more than two weeks ago, and this is how Sony Ericsson repays us?? NO MORE SONY ERICSSON PRODUCTS FOR ME! And I was looking at the ARC for my wife's Anniversary, not NO MO! We need to all Unite and BOYCOTT all SE Products because of this JOIN US HERE
  • I'd be returning that X 10 if you could. The Arc is the most beautiful Android phone I've seen but thanks to SE's blundering device "support" I'd never seriously buying one. I don't understand why SE just doesn't produce vanilla Android OS devices so that they can focus on hardware and let Google handle the updates?
  • I think we should at least give Sony one more chance with the Arc before we begin the all out hatred (Samsung). After all, no manufacturer's first Android phone was that great. And SE at least appears to be improving.