Soon, you'll be able to command 'OK Google' to search in third-party apps

Rather than having to search through apps like Yelp, soon you'll be able to simply wake up your phone with the "OK, Google" command that's baked into Google Search and use your voice to search useful information. Once developers update their apps with just a few short lines of code that Google is allowing, you'll be able to perform voice searches like "Ok, Google. Find me the nearest pizza place on Yelp" all without having to touch your screen.

Google advises developers that this feature is easy to implement and allows Google voice search to work in their app.

At Google, we always look for innovative ways to help you improve mobile search and drive user engagement back to your app. For example, users can now say to the Google app: "Ok Google, search pizza on Eat24" or "Ok Google, search for hotels in Maui on TripAdvisor."

The feature will be available to deices running Android Jelly Bean or later.

Are you excited to see this feature arrive? What apps would you want to see this feature implemented in?

Source: Android Developers

Chuong H Nguyen