Sony Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact U.S. pre-orders begin April 13

Sony's Xperia phones don't get much love here in the States, and depending on who you ask, that's either a shame or well-deserved. As such, you'll either feel indifferent or ecstatic to learn that the Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact will be available for pre-order in the U.S. on April 13.

These are the two Android phones that Sony showed off at MWC in February, and they're some of the most exciting entries we've seen with the Xperia line in years.

If you're interested in reserving either of the phones for yourself, Best Buy will begin pre-orders on April 13 with official sales following on April 20. Both the XZ2 and XZ2 Compact will be made available in local Best Buy Stores on May 6, with Amazon and "other participating U.S. retailers" following suit on May 20.

The Xperia XZ2 will set you back $799.99, whereas the smaller XZ2 Compact is going for $649.99.

Sony Xperia XZ2 preview: Slimmer bezels, wider appeal

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  • Americans better buy millions of these phones. 'cause Sony ruined them for the rest of us because you kept whining about the fingerprint scanner being disabled in the US.
    And no one else will buy these overpriced abortions. So... Chop chop. Sony gets a new CEO starting Monday and he might not be so lenient towards Sony Mobile's constant failures.
  • With or without the FPS Sony's just don't sell very well here in the US! With all the camera tech they supply for other OEM'S their cameras barely crack to top 10. Something needs to change!
  • Their cameras easily crack the top ten. What are you smoking? I have an XZS and it is fantastic. I've compared it to many phones, and it's even beat newer iphones. Are you using it wrong? Also have you looked at the comparisons between the the XZ2, google pixel 2, etc? Barely a noticeable different. All subjective.
  • do you wake up angry at the world EVERY day.... why do you care if people in US wanted a FPS, you were Never going to purchase it in the first place. all you know how to do is complain about everything....
  • mayconvert,
    I use two phones an s8+ & an XZpremium. There is a lot of knowledge to gain out of people complaining about what's good & bad with a phone. It works great for me so have a nice day!
  • 1 - it's 9pm 2 - I actually own a couple of Sony phones. So perhaps you should shut up next time you try to predict what people buy 3 - I'm not American, idiot. I care because because American tech bloggers kept whining over it, Sony moved the fingerprint scanner from the correct place (the side) to the stupidest place available (the back) all so that they could enable it in the US.
  • I'm buying one so that's make me one.
  • Wouldn't you complain if everyone was getting something everywhere but where you live? And why are these "ruined"? Maybe some explanations would help
  • That happens all the time to us outside the US. We deal with it.
    Furthermore, Americans HAD the phones. So it's not even the same. The fingerprint software was simply disabled. And if it's not obvious, I'm referring to the fingerprint scanner which was in a sensible place (the side) until now. Now it's in the stupidest of places all just so they could sell the phones with it enabled in the US.
  • Why would they not be able to use it in the side in the US?
  • Where have you been?
  • Had this phone turned out like the leaked pics, I would have bought one no questions.
    It looks like I'm back to hoping the pro version looks better, or wait for the next release. All Sony stuff is over priced, but I do really enjoy their products.
  • THIS. I will be seriously angry if US people still complain instead of buying these phones, as Sony ruined their phones just to satisfy some 1% of their customer base. I would deal with lack of the jack (provided that my NC750s would work with the adapter), I would even deal with a generic design, but the scanner is just a no-go. If I have to deal with a flaw this big, I may as well look elsewhere.
    But I don't think a new CEO is going to do anything with Sony Mobile. Hirai didn't keep the division for the money, but to give an edge to all other divisions of Sony. It's a very reasonable approach, and I don't think they would change that now.
  • Sony make some great cameras.
    Never really understood why the cameras on their phones are behind other manufacturers. Especially in the speed department.
  • Idiotic processing, and that utter garbage app, filled with useless stuff.
  • So will this work on Verizon or not I;m interested in the compact?
  • It should, I have heard this news from PhoneArena.
  • The compact is supposed to be compatible with Verizon, but not standard XZ2 Premium . Not sure if Verizon will actually sell it themselves.
  • It's unfortunate they got rid of the headphone jack since I use it on my V20 all the time, but it's not a deal breaker as I got used to it during my time with the Moto Z. I also really liked the fingerprint scanner on the side, but again not a deal breaker. I suppose you could just pick up a XZ1 or the XZ Premium if you want both features so bad and are brand loyal to Sony. If I was looking for a new phone right now I'd give these a serious look for sure; particularly the Compact. I don't care what the back material is since a case is getting slapped on anyway.
  • Is it just me, or does it look like the larger one will rock all over the place when you type with it on a flat surface? As much as I loved the look of HTC's U series, I don't think Sony should have broken their design language that abruptly.
  • The spinorama like the Nexus 6 haha. But seriously it's a double edge sword. Their previous design was called old and tired and now they're being called copycats. They can't win!
  • Nice... Will be a comparable replacement for my S9. Will wait to see when it's actually going to release before placing the order.
  • 1080 screen, you can't even watch the 4K recording back on it! Come on Sony you've been doing 4K panels since 2015.. £700 not worth it! Maybe the next premium version?
  • 4k on a phone is useless
  • Except for use in VR headsets, 2K is useless.
  • Forgot about that. I do not do it so yeah, you are correct.
  • Funny how all cameras now are garbage if they cannot beat the top five. Apparently I'm surrounded by a bunch of youngsters. For the the most part all phone cameras will get the job done. Compared to 5 to 8 years ago things are great on all fronts. Enjoy, you have no idea how good you had it.
  • Agreed. I can nit pick with the best of them, but honestly. When was the last time someone sent you a picture that was taken on anything but a bargain bin, made-for-MetroPCS grade phone that made you think "That picture sucks"?
  • I'm 49, so back in the day we all used the Polariod instant cameras with the flash bulbs. Photo albums full of them. Man, the pictures are terrible compared to phone cameras now. No complaints on my end. All is good. I'm Still rocking a Nexus 6 until Pixel 3 shows up. Pics are good enough.
  • I agree. People will complain about this Z Play's camera all day long, but, I get excellent shots with it. I'm also old enough to remember how terrible pretty much all cameras were. Heck, this is why I cannot understand how people justify paying flagship prices. You're literally only paying all that extra for a better camera.
  • My first camera phone around 2001 was a Sony Ericsson T68i. It was a candy bar phone with an early terrible colour screen and the camera was a module that you bought separately and connected to the bottom of the phone. Needless to say the photos were awful, 0.3mp quality I think?
    So yeah I totally get your point and Sony have definitely come a long was since then
  • I agree, the quality of most phones is now good enough for most people.
    The very best ones are now good enough for me to not need any other camera.
    But I don't understand how a company like Sony who make some of the best small sensor cameras can't put the same technology into their phones!
  • They do not want to spend the money.
  • Yes! I can understand when Moto has janky cameras, but Sony? Them having bad screens or cameras just reeks of lack of effort.
  • I absolutely agree. My XZS camera has been nothing but great. Start up of the camera slowed down a little with the oreo update but I hope that gets worked out. Otherwise I've taken wonderful photos with it and am able to print 8.5 x 11 at full 300dpi, even very acceptable at poster size. I really just think people are nit picking.
  • They should have taken the body of the XA2 with edge to edge screen and shrunk that down for the XZ2C. The bubble back and hulking weight is a bad idea for such a small device imo. That and I miss Omni balance. :( The best thing about the XZ2 release is it dropped the price of the XZ1. I picked up a compact for $445 new on Amazon last week and couldn't be happier.
  • That's right, the only thing that I regret about getting a XZ1 compact (on a black Friday sale) is that if I waited a little longer I could have gotten it for less money. I'm not really thinking I would want to trade my XZ1 for an XZ2 even I could get it traded straight across.
  • Don't feel too bad. Just one week after I bought it and it's $399 at Best Buy now, haaa.
  • I don't know. Let's just have a hands on before we reserve actual judgment. I can actually see how the curved back is advantageous on an ergonomic standpoint.
  • Good thing their prices usually drop quick. $799 and $650... NEXT!
  • At least it's certified for Verizon.
  • After so many Sony phone failured... I've learned there's no reason to buy a phone especially a Sony phone for over 500. Especially with no duel camera.
  • I'm enjoying my XZ Premium, if only they had kept the 16:9 screens instead of jumping on the 2:1 fad, I would upgrade.