Sony Xperia Neo L pictured - sleek entry-level ICS phone for China

We haven't seen much of the Sony Xperia Neo L since it was first announced for the Chinese market back in March. But now the tiny ICS-powered handset has emerged in the flesh on Taiwanese site ​ePrice​, where it's been snapped from various angles and compared to a contemporary Sony handset, the Xperia P.

The Xperia Neo L is by modern standards a budget device -- there's a 1GHz Snapdragon S2 chip inside, 512MB of RAM and a 4-inch FWVGA LCD display. Sony hasn't cut any corners on the design, though, a the Neo L looks like a sleek device, furnished as it is in curvy white plastic with a metallic trim. Other premium features include the latest version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich.

More pics at the source link. The Sony Xperia Neo L is expected to land in China before the end of the month.

Source: ePrice; via: XperiaBlog

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • Wtf is fwvga? Can't you give the numbers like a normal person?
  • 854 by 480 pixels same as OG Droid.
  • The standard mid range resolution Sony has used for a long time (and also some Motorola devices): 480x854 Pixels.
    So it is about Wide-VGA (WVGA, 480x800) with a few more pixels in height to get a real 16/9 aspect ratio.
    Btw, just asking Google for " fwvga" would have been much easier and faster for both of us!
  • I like how 4" is now referred to as "tiny". What does that make an iPhone?
  • Wonderful. Share a website with you , ( )