One of the biggest gripes with the Sony Smartwatch 2 was that there was no way to customize watch faces at all. Today a new update has arrived that not only adds custom watch faces to the mix, but also provides a built-in editor right within the app. You can still choose from the base set of faces that include the standard digital and analog faces in a variety of styles, but now have the option to create and edit your own faces as well.

Using the editor in the app, you start with a blank slate and can add clocks and widgets to create your perfect watch face. There are a handful of clocks available — various sizes in digital and three analog options. Widgets include dates, new events, Bluetooth indicator, battery life and alarm. Pumping out your own face only takes a few minutes and there are a load of possibilities to make each one your very own.

There's also a new option to change the background wallpaper on your homescreen should you choose to do so. Overall a nice update that should make Smartwatch 2 fans very happy. Grab it now from Google Play.