Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 will never get multitouch, hardware not capable

We're all familiar with the saga of the Xperia X10, how we were once so very excited for the phone to release and to, well, have it never release and have it just disappoint us at every corner instead. So it comes to no surprise that the Xperia X10 is disappointing us once again. (Put it this way: We've got it in hand, and we're trying to figure out what to do with it.) Though laggy software reportedly will be improved via update, it looks like the Xperia X10 will never have multitouch because the hardware is simply not capable of it. According to Sony Ericsson product manager Rikard Skogberg:

"There’s no multitouch in X10 – and I also can confirm that it’s not only related to [software] but also to [hardware]."

In a vacuum, not having multitouch is a downer but not a definite dealbreaker--but considering how reliably unreliable the Xperia X10 has been, those still looking at the X10 as their next Android device should probably look elsewhere. Wait, was there even anyone who still wanted the Xperia X10? [via slashgear]

Casey Chan