Sony Ericsson reminding the world that Sony is taking over

So by now everyone knows that Sony is buying out Sony Ericsson yes? Just in case anyone had forgotten, the company have started sending out letters to their customers reminding them and trying to give them a taste of what lies ahead. 

The most interesting part of the letter from Steve Walker, Chief Marketing Officer -- which otherwise offers very little in the way of new information -- concerns what to expect from the future of Sony mobile devices. They showed off the SmartDock back at CES for the Xperia Ion as a glimpse at their idea of a connected home. It seems from this though that connecting your mobile devices with other Sony products, like TV's, PC's and Tablets, is 100% on the cards. They also remain committed to pushing out content through the Sony Entertainment Network and providing "more opportunities" to enjoy it. Looks like Sony might be aiming big on this one.

Source: Clove UK

Richard Devine