Sony Ericsson to preview a slew of new titles for the Xperia PLAY at this week's Gamescom

Sony Ericsson will be showing off a slew of new games optimized for the Xperia PLAY this week at the annual Gamescom trade show in Cologne, Germany. The new titles will join the list of over 150 titles currently optimized for the device, which continues to grow thanks to the expanding partnerships between Sony and game developers. Hit the break for a full list of upcoming games to be previewed at this week's events, which begin today and run through Aug. 21.

Source: Sony Ericsson

  • Dead Space, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit and FIFA12 by EA
  • Reckless Getaway, Reckless Racing 2 and Tanks by Polarbit
  • Let's Golf 3 by Gameloft
  • Townsmen 6, Guns & Glory WW2 and Clouds and Sheep by HandyGame
  • They Need To Be Fed by YoYo Games
  • Lame Castle by Be-Rad Entertainment
  • Hyperlight by Catfishblues Games
  • Diversion and Crazy Snowboard by Ezone PTY LTD
  • Gibs & Gore Micronytes
  • Protoxide and Battle Boats 3D by Herocraft
  • EVAC HD and Radient HD by Hexage
  • PewPew 2 by Jean-Francois Geyelin
  • Stellar Escape by Orange Agenda
  • Jumpy, INC and Meganoid by Orange Pixel
  • Death Worm by PlayCreek LLC
  • No Gravity by Real Tech VR
  • Crusade of Destiny by Divide Arts
  • Desert Winds by Southend Interactive
  • I like that Sony is putting effort into getting higher caliber games into the system… …Once they come off of exclusivity and other phones have access to them that is. -Suntan
  • Apparently the word for the day is "SLEW". LOL
  • I feel Sony's efforts to work with developers will keep this kind of device going long enough for them to consider a beefier-specced Play 2...which I will probably pick up :)
  • I really hate exclusives, yes I know it's all business but it's really the last thing that Android need.
  • And yet, we still have very few PlayStation/PSOne games... Nine at the time of writing, with no new games annoucned. Sony have already shown demonstrations of the Xperia PLAY ("PlayStation phone") running LocoRoco, God of War and LittleBigPlanet, so clearly the device is capable of such games... Isn't it time they released them?