Sony Ericsson, HTC to Release NEW Android Phones in 2009

This bit a news was a foregone conclusion but hey, it doesn't hurt to have an almost-confirmation of new Android devices now does it? An SE spokesman has confirmed that Sony Ericsson has plans for a high-end Android device in 2009 to kick things off and then follow up with cheaper devices aimed at a broader market. We also have news that HTC (they make the G1 if you didn't know) is also planning on having a whole portfolio (!) of Android devices by the summer of 2009. According to an HTC Exec:

Yes, we will have one or more Android-products by the summer of 2009. I can say that we are working on a portfolio of models.

High end Sony Ericsson? Xperia X1, anyone? A whole HTC portfolio? Hmm..Touch 2.0 series, perhaps? Anyways, this is exciting times for the Android platform and 2009 will surely be a year to remember.

[via Phandroid]

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