Introducing the HTC EVO 4G at the Shack

A guy walks into a bar and there's this unreleased cell phone. .....wait, wrong story.  But this one's just as good :)  A self-admitted huge Precentral follower (bnceo on the PreCentral forums) happened to be looking for some Palm accessories at his local Radio Shack and stumbled across these on the counter.  As he started grabbing pictures with his phone and asking the salesman about them.  The salesman had this to say -- Release is early June (around June 6), cost on contract is $200.00, out of contract will be $600.00, and no planned changes to your Sprint plan.  The Shack employee had no info about any cost for the mobile hot spot feature.

Then he handed them over to to our man bnceo and said to take 'em, he can get more copies.  The sheets don't tell us anything we already didn't know from our hands on with the EVO 4G, but man-oh-man does it feel good to see them in cyberprint.  From the looks of things it's a four week promo event and with a rumored June 6 release, we should start seeing these any time now.

You know you want to follow after the break and check out the high res scans yourself.  Thanks a ton Rob!

Radio Shack HTC EVO 4G promo1

Radio Shack HTC EVO 4G promo 2

Radio Shack HTC EVO 4G promo 3

Radio Shack HTC EVO 4G promo 4