Snag this Galaxy S8 launcher update to fix some of its lag

If you've been using the Galaxy S8's default TouchWiz Home launcher and noticing some unfortunate slowdowns, Samsung has just pushed out an update you should know about. The new version of TouchWiz Home is, and the changelog is pretty simple:

  • Added an information screen to Samsung TouchWiz Home.
  • Fixed the lag issue when swiping up and down to switch between the home and apps screens.
  • Improved the visibility of app names under icons.

The app update is available both from the Galaxy Apps store and also the Google Play Store (opens in new tab), though it's not clear how it's determined which one you get it from. On one of our Galaxy S8s, the app was updated from Galaxy Apps but doesn't show as even being installed in the Play Store. Check both places, and also refer to your phone's settings to see if "TouchWiz Home" has actually already been updated.

This update may not fix all of your Galaxy S8 lag concerns, but the fact that Samsung is directly addressing slowdowns in its app update shows it knows that it's happening.

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • Thank God, I rarely find any lag elsewhere but this used to get on my nerves. Opening the app drawer shouldn't be laggy.
  • can't get it. I'm on a locked T-Mo version. PS says no devices are eligible. Wait, I checked my Samsung Apps and it says I have it installed..or no? who nows.
  • I use Nova for one reason, swipe down anywhere on home screen to bring down notification tray. If Touchwiz home allowed that, I'd use it. Think I got mines from Galaxy apps because the play store says my S8 isn't compatible 😂😂😂
  • Same here, best feature ever. That and double tap to open camera. And swipe up to pull up app drawer. Also, the stock launcher folders are ugly...full size folder with little tiny icons inside them looks horrible. I like stacking icons with no folder icon around them.
  • Yeah, this feature is so awesome that it should be baked into vanilla Android. It's such a simple yet brilliant solution, right?
  • weird i don't think this is available for Canada i just searched for it can't be searched and the link provided on the site just says my device is not compatible even though it's clearly on my list.
  • I'm seeing the same exact thing with a US AT&T versions. Play Store version not compatible and a search in Galaxy Apps returns no results.
  • The only time I noticed lag was when I would attempt to unlock via pin, when I swiped to get the pin enter screen up it would lag on the transition, this seems to have fixed that and it now appears to be buttery smooth
  • until you use a proper device.
  • Well I'll be honest and I've got both a pixel xl and s s8+ and when i use them they are much the same in my use, personally i think they have improved the touch wiz a massive amount
  • That's good to hear. I like the S7 Edge but it is without a doubt laggy. Especially the notification shade. It's not bad enough to make me give up the camera, Samsung Pay, waterproofing and this display but this phone would be a true titan if it had Pixel or OnePlus 5 software speed.
  • Hmm... Couldn't find the app in the Play store. Found it in Galaxy apps but showing it was last updated 6/20/17. T-Mobile S8 here
  • The 6/20/17 is the update
  • The lag I saw would be the animation exiting out of apps
  • That is exactly what bothers me. I don't find it laggy,it's just not smooth. The animation is very stutter and jumpy. Definitely not something you expect on and $800 phone.
  • That's just something Samsung's Android devices have a tendency to do, and always have . I used to give them a pass before I realized just how great the disparity is in performance when comparing an S8, S7, etc. to something like a pixel or oneplus3T, etc. with lighter firmware. The disparity becomes clearer the longer you use it.
  • My Note5 didn't do this.
  • Just updated and I still see it. I use Nova and Action Launcher anyway. I mess with TouchWiz really just for s!"*$ and giggles.
  • from what I can tell, exynos get's their update from the play store, snapdragon from galaxy apps
  • Everyone says that TouchWiz is getting better and it still lags? No lag at all on the HTC U11.
  • cheers brotha! look at all these losers try to fix their lag.
  • And? Come on, people. I like the U11 a lot but can we just stop trying to start a fight?
  • Awesome wallpaper
  • grrr att and no update.
  • Go to Settings > Apps > Show System Apps and uninstall updates for Touchwiz Home then go to Galaxy Apps it should pop up, that's what I had to do anyway.
  • what do you mean uninstall updates for it? no option i see except to force kill it.
  • Top right corner hit the 3 dots...
  • Says my device is not compatible with TouchWiz lmao 😂. I'm running stock Galaxy s8+
  • Yup same here
  • You'd think by now Samsung's own launcher wouldn't have any lag. Good to see they fixed it, but come on samsung! 
  • They didn't fix it. Opening the app drawer never lagged it just stuttered alot and dropped frames. They didn't do anything to fix the stutters and frame drops when exiting out of apps back to the home screen. In my opinion that's way worse than what happen when you opened the app drawer
  • Google Play Store version says it's not compatible with my device.
  • Same here
  • I'm in NYC and I haven't seen any update of any sort
  • Do people who live in NYC usually get their updates first? I'm confused lol
  • What does that mean? I'm simply stating that I live in NYC. Usually the question that follows when you say you haven't been updated is where are you located ?
  • Samsung won't listen until you people stop supporting them!!!!! Stop buying their devices year after year and complaining about their lag!!! Knowing you're gonna use the phone anyways lol hush
  • That won't happen. As enthusiasts, we make up a very small portion of Samsung's market. Even if all of us boycott Samsung, the mainstream market would still keep buying them. Sure, we could tell our parents and grandparents to stop buying them, but there's only so much it could do.
  • Wait... it's still laggy??