Smarty Pins is a Maps-powered geography trivia game from Google

Google has launched a new, Google Maps-based trivia game called Smarty Pins. The game asks you a number of geographically-based questions, and you drop your pin in the correct location to answer. The questions have a great range of difficulty, and pull from different topics like entertainment, sports, and history.

Smarty Pins tracks your points as miles. You start with 1,000 miles, loosing miles for each wrong answer. The number of miles you lose is based on how far away from the correct answer your pin is. You can only gain miles by answering a question within the first fifteen seconds. Getting a hint will cost you bonus miles, though you won't lose any standard miles.

You can head over to the Smarty Pins site and check it out now. What do you think of Google's new game? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Smarty Pins

Joseph Keller